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Hello from Brazil!!

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Hey guys, so I`m from Brazil and I`ve been playing boardgames since 2014 or so. Now I`m studying Graphic Design in college and I have a group project for creating and developing a boardgame. So I had some ideas and now I joined this forum so I can understand better how to develop a boardgame and hopefully get some help and advices.

Nice to meet you!!

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Hello Oldguy...

...and welcome to BGDF!

Making games for a class/school project is always fun! If you're seeking some guidance right away, I have a couple suggestions for you.

  • RECREATE: making a game you've already seen before is a solid project to start with. Maybe you can simply do a visual "makeover" and focus your project on making the game look different. Games with a lot of cards, or a large game board, may be good choices because you have a lot of freedom to make adjustments to the artwork, layout, and visual elements.

  • DRAW ONE, PLAY ONE: There's a card game framework I recommend frequently, called "Dvorak." If you've ever heard of the Fluxx card game, then this will seem very familiar. Here's the website to start you off on the right foot:

Dvorak Game Link

In any case, enjoy your time here! There's plenty to learn, and plenty of projects to which you can contribute your own thoughts and suggestions. Best of success to you and your schoolwork. :)

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hello and welcome, im sure

hello and welcome, im sure you will find some great advice here.
making a game for a class is great and (depending on the course) you dont have to reinvent the wheel or even worry about pesky things like worrying if stealing intellectual property (because its essentially for private use) so, as let off says you can retheme an existing game. as your studying graphic design and not specifically board game design this will still be a useful exercise even if the course demands somthing original. infact its a good thing for any designer to try even if they aren't on a course to see how a game was made and the way theme and mechanics are linked.
another thing to try is making an expansion. card driven games are good for this.

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