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Hello creative people

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Lerius Doman
Joined: 01/06/2018

Hello, I am a creative guy who loves games!
For me creating something is one of the most fulfilling things to do, I say one as there is so many things that is fulfilling here in life. I think I could live a thousand years and not get bored, as long as my memory would prevail haha however I am happy I am a human and not a redwood.

As a kid me and a friend made a war game that we played on math paper, thous squared filled papers. We would draw maps on it and different letters would represent troops we had, a lot of erasing made the maps not reusable too many times. However for me that was great, for making new maps was at least half the fun.

That progressed to computer games, and editing Gorilla in Q basic was a lot of fun, and making text based RPG games with options, randomizes and bad sound effects. Then when I came across games with actual editors, I was hooked.

I have been more or less been forced from young to be a game master in Dragons and Demons (similar to dungeons and dragons, but Swedish.) First it was hard, but I still play to this day and have created many worlds, however now I focus just on my one world of Domidian. I am working on a book for this world as well.

So board games, well I have a friend who has hundreds of board games, and I have been playing the last seven years or so. However it sent until now I actually have started developing my own. I am yet in early stages however. I am working on two at the moment, and in the process I am getting a lot of ideas that might not work in these two, but in future games or not at all haha.

I am here to interact with other creative people and share ideas about making board games. The ideas have been in my head for a long time, but now are being developed and it's exiting, hard and fun. So I bet I will be asking a bunch of questions, but I will try to search the forums first.

I have experience with texturing, 3D modeling, drawing, photography, writing. I find when story, graphics and game mechanics come together fantastic things can happen!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Welcome to BGDF...

Talking about all those days past... Made me think about a TIME where the MOUSE was an optional device: you actually had to use it for Paint Programs and since in DOS there was no mouse... And most games also did not use the mouse either back then...

Dr. Halo was the paint program that introduced the Mouse to PCs... Perhaps there were others... But for me that was the first PC application which used a mouse...

Cheers and I hope your stays is enjoyable and very informative!

Joined: 01/27/2017

Welcome to BGDF! Looking forward to seeing your ideas and your comments.

And I also remember the days before a mouse was considered standard equipment for a computer.

Or even a hard drive.

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