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Hello everyone!

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Joined: 01/22/2017

I'm Benjamin Kovach. I'm an enthusiastic programmer living in Athens, GA.

I'm just getting into board game design after being interested in and playing various board games over the years. The first game I really fell in love with was Dominion, about two years ago. I subsequently bought two of the many expansions of it and played it dozens of times with friends.

A board game cafe opened up near us (The Rook and Pawn - they're awesome!) and since then I've been able to experience a bunch of different types of board games. I currently enjoy playing Patchwork with my wife and Terra Mystica with a few friends.

After playing a bunch of different games over the past few years, I decided to start developing my own thing. I like to make stuff, and thinking about what makes board games "work" is a lot of fun. My current (and first) project is called Trash Kings - it's a Carcassonne-inspired tile-laying area control game. There's a print and play version of the current prototype up on my website as of today!

Board games have been a wonderful way to connect with my friends and family and I'm very excited to be a part of that. Very nice to meet you all!

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Joined: 11/01/2008

Welcome to the BGDF!

Rodent Trash Kings! LOL... you need to go write whoever owns Charlotte's Web and make all the art for the rats look like "Templeton"... Cover Art

I look forward to hearing more about your games.

"Always remember to think outside the box so your games will fit inside!"

@BHFuturist "The Bright Hope Futurist"

AKA -Eamon

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