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HELLO from Singapore

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Hi Everyone,

I'm Marcus Eng from Gasp Gasp Entertainment. We're a small team of board game lovers that get together to design board games here in Singapore. Nice to meet everyone here :)

Right now, my team and I are working on a fantasy tennis dice game call Gruesome Tennis.

Here is some information about it:

Title: Gruesome Tennis
Age: 13+
Players: 2 players
Duration: 15-30min per game
Weight: Light

This is a fantasy tennis dice game set in the world of Iotilas where races from different continent come together yearly to compete for a deadly & gruesome tennis match. This game is inspired by the tennis rules in our world and a simplified scoring system to keep the game tight & fast paced.

This game is designed to visualize the weird fantasy world we have in our mind where fantasy races such as Orcs & Elves competing in a dangerous Tennis match where brutality meet sportsmanship.

Each race will need more than Brute Force, Magic, Blessing & Luck to win the glory of the tennis champion and bring pride to their race.

Currently, we are in the alpha version stage and received positive feedback so far.

One of the main reason I came to this forum is to receive feedback about our design, rulebook & game mechanics. If you guys are interested, I'll post the link here :)

Marcus Eng

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Bows respectively...

Welcome to bgdf.

This game of yours and your teams sounds quite interesting. This mixture of theme brings a whole new meaning to “Fantasy Sports”. Once your game is out and about, I would love to see this as an actual live sport of some kind. Like maybe cosplayers dress up as Orcs , Elves, Warriors etc for some Brutal sports fantasy fun. I think I have seen some of your information on some of the game pages on Facebook to the last few days?
Keep up the great work. If you need any ideas for your Tennis Game, lets us know. We’re good at coming up with new concepts , ideas etc.

Welcome once again.

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Hi Stormyknight1976

Thank you :)

We're soliciting feedback to improve our PnP & Rulebook.

Here's the link to our PnP & rulebook:

Here's a concept image of 1 of the 6 athletes we are designing in Gruesome Tennis:


Dragonborn uses their strong & flexible tail to hold their racket.

Perhaps you can help us with the name of this character? haha

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