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Hello! Terrified designer here.

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Joined: 06/03/2017

Hello! I'm Jorrel, and I'm an aspiring game designer. Studying, actually. I really like making games, especially mechanics. I found this forum while studying Game Concepts blogs by Ian Schreiber. I found a lot of good advice from this forum that I am applying to my own games. I am facing several difficulties though, and I'm hoping to get valuable advice from the good folks here.

I tend to favor mechanics over art, as I am no good with drawing. It's hard having so many things run through my head that cannot be applied to my games 'cause I can't draw good to save my life. Finding people to playtest with is also a big trouble, especially in my community in the Philippines.

Looking forward to many more games to come!

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Joined: 12/11/2015

Welcome aboard!

As far as art is concerned, I make a lot of use of for simple, clean images to make my prototypes look nicer -- and there are other good sources of free images, like The Noun Project and Pixabay.

Good luck with your games and I hope you manage to find some useful answers and ideas here.

Joined: 04/08/2012
Hello Diamondroller03

I know someone in your area who may help you on what your looking for. He and I know of another company that may also help you out as well in the artwork.

I am going to send you a message about the information.


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