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Hey everyone

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My name's Kariem, and thanks for having me here at the BGDF!

My friends and I are Stock & Bull entertainment, and we're working on a Tabletop RPG called Project Powerpunk.

I came here to hopefully find people to playtest our game. We've got a small demo adventure set up with an abridged version of the game rules. I'll post that shortly in its proper location.

I also like talking about games, design and checking out what new games are being made.

Look forward to talking and playing with you all.

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kibrahim wrote:
...I also like talking about games, design and checking out what new games are being made...

Feel free to read and comment on the various topics. Welcome and I hope you find that we are a very engaging community. I will advise you that while I can't speak for 3rd Party Blind Playtesters (We've gotten some un-encouraging results) I will add that people will gladly read your rules and comment (to try to improve them)... but nobody will PNP a game.

Unless you make special arrangements with a designer and his collaborators, it may prove difficult to find people to "playtest" your game. Even if you do, be aware that prototypes should be sent and not be expected to return. If you want a prototype to be returned, provide return labels and pay for the service ahead of the playtesting (what I mean is probably include an envelope with enough money to have your prototype returned...)

Finding local "Game Groups" may be an alternative. If your prototype is made using a service like "The Game Crafter" ( well that should interest normal gamers... especially if they are trying something NEW. If you have a nearby FLGS ("Friendly Local Game Store"), I would visit and speak with the staff to see if they know of game groups in your area. Or maybe see if the staff can convince people to attend a "Your" Game Day on a Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway this is just a bit of a pre-starter to help you better focus your efforts on finding the RIGHT "venue" for your playtesting.


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Welcome to our community

Welcome to our community

let-off studios
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...and welcome to BGDF, Kariem!

Curious to see more about Project Powerpunk. :)

Please post about it when you can.

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Welcome to bgdf.

Bows respectively.


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