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Hi Everyone!

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Joined: 04/29/2016

Hi Everyone!

My name is Mike, and I live in the United States. I am a first time game designer, and I have a lot of questions. I have no prior experience, but I love playing games. I enjoy classic board games, modern board games, card games, competitive games, cooperative games, and pretty much everything in between.

I have a working prototype of a cooperative game that I am play testing right now. I would love some help on getting to learn the lingo on the forums, so that I can research what everyone else has already posted and then start asking good questions.

I look forward to communicating with everyone in the board game designer community!


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Well pretty much the only "lingo" that I am aware of is mostly related to game "Mechanics". Like what is "Card Drafting", "Push-Your-Luck", "Area Control", "Deck-Building", "Hand Management", "Set Collection", "Dice Rolling", "Auction/Bidding", "Player Elimination", etc.

Some brainier people, like Dr. Lewis Pulsipher ("lewpuls"), can probably debate the theory behind Game Design... You can check out his videos at:

There was another chap named "GamesPrecipice" who has his own website with various topics about game design. His articles are very in-depth and deal with game theory (and maybe the type of lingo you are looking for):

Anyhow, welcome to the BGDF community!


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Other lingo:

RPS: Rock Paper Scissor mechanic

RPSSL: Rock, Paper, Scissor, Spock, Lizard.

MMRB: Micro Management Resource Building

You can also check out James Mathes game site on facebook, Minion Games for the DO's and Dont's in game designs.

Look on the left side of your bgdf screen and look for the HOW TO. Or take up a monthly game design challenge. These are great ways to challenge yourself on new game designs every month.

Happy hunting,

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Welcome. The GamesPrecipice articles are quite interesting for new designers.

May I suggest that the best way to get a lot out of the community is to put a lot in, with playtest offers, rules reading and so on.

I am very much a beginner at this myself, but I would be happy to look at your rules if they are ready. I am not really into cooperative games so my advice on the actual design would probably not be much help, but I can at least advise you on whether the rules are clear to me.

Joined: 04/29/2016
Thank you all. I appreciate

Thank you all. I appreciate the feedback. I'm working on the rules right now. Should be done hopefully soon. I'm looking forward that communicating with everyone moving forward.

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Welcome welcome welcome! Game

Welcome welcome welcome! Game design is a long, extremely iterative process that's equal parts exhilarating and frustrating; creative and methodical. I'm definitely a beginner and I've been at this for years!

Glad to have you aboard and I look forward to your ideas and your input on other's ideas!

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