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Hi folks!

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Joined: 07/23/2018

Hi there, I've been a life-long gamer but not always tabletop. I was re-introduced to tabletop games when we played Coup at a birthday party while waiting for someone to start a Magic the Gathering cube draft. I was amazed by the depth and subtlety that just 15 cards could provide.

Flash-forward a few weeks and I'm trying all sorts of games and getting ideas to design my own. Now I'm on different discussion groups, listening to podcasts, and learning all about NanDeck and TTS. I found this forum via the Breaking into Board Games podcast.

Look forward to learning, designing, and sharing with you all!

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Joined: 03/09/2016

Welcome to the forum, Breaking into Board Games is a great podcast!

Joined: 07/18/2018
Welcome! I'm new as well, but

Welcome! I'm new as well, but it's good to see so many new users. :D Hope to see you around!

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Joined: 06/04/2018

Welcome to our happy club! :D

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Great to hear...

Yeah you don't always needs a 500 card Dominion Game to inspire ideas and thought about Table Top games... It's nice to see that a Micro Game of 15 cards was enough depth to attract you to the "Dark Side"! LOL

I too am focused lately on a 10 Card, Micro Deck CCG... Yeah I know the consensus is not to "design" CCGs ... but I have a lot of experience with various board games and prior efforts in the CCG market to understand how to focus on certain aspects of the model versus not even try to attempt others.

I am leaning towards using "The Game Crafter" Booster Packs while not focusing on things like tournament play or having abundance of varying the artwork...

For example: Knight has 15 variants all with the same artwork but different stats. This is done for several reasons. 1> Knights have the "Brotherhood" ability which scores a +1 Point Bonus if NEXT to another Knight... 2> I want similar cards to have the same artwork such that Booster Packs offer similar content but different stats.

This means that YOUR "Knight" might be slightly different than another Player's "Knight"... Something to that effect...

Anyhow let's end this long-winded "Welcome"...

"Welcome to BGDF, hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, offer feedback, answer question and yes... even start your very own discussions."


P.S.: I figured I'd share that example, because you are at least a bit knowledgeable of "Magic: the Gathering". It's a side-effect to have cards with the SAME artwork and varying abilities which sets this Micro CCG appart from other CCG efforts. As I have explained, your Knight(s) may be different from my own. The distribution model is TGC boosters... There are only 10 unique Units per Faction and 15 combinations of each. That means 150 cards to select out of the POOL of cards (for boosters).

I hope the Game is as "interesting" as the business model which seems to have some interesting concepts working for it...

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Welcome to BGDF!

Welcome to the site...we're all engaged in various aspects of the industry, from design and development, to proofreading and editing, to play-testing to facilitators of these activities. Generally, it's a wonderful place and you'll receive constructive criticism...don't take it personally. There's no one out here who published their first game without a few lumps. Across the community, we have folks breaking into the industry, attempting to get their first game out there, to those with only a few published games as a designer or developer, like myself, to esteemed colleagues who have an impressive CV from whom you'll learn quite a bit, such as Dr. Lewis Pulsipher.

In addition to the wonderful podcast that pointed you out here, I recommend Board Game Design Lab by our own Gabe Barrett and Ludolology with Geoff Englestein and Gil Hova (originally Ryan Sturm)

Again, welcome to BGDF!

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