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Hi! I'm Chunkysoup

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Joined: 07/20/2018

No not the actual soup itself just a guy who used to die a lot via headshot in the original alpha and beta versions of counterstrike. I remarked one day after repeatedly dying that the remains of my head must look like a bowl of Chunky Soup and it stuck.

That was a long time ago and the name still is relevant in anything I play be it video or board game form. I stumbled upon this site while I was trying to find a role playing game for my younger daughters. Back when they were 8 & 10, I tried D&D but they got bored really quick. I couldn't find much back then but I kept thinking about it. Shuffle ahead a few years and I still had not found a game that we could play in the RPG format. I know there must be some out there but couldn't find any and I had forgotten about this site until I found it in one of my bookmarks late last year. A quick perusal and I got the itch to make my own! It has taken me about 9 months of designing, playtesting, tweaking, playtesting, repeat with my family and my extended family and I am at the point where I need more feedback.

I hope to find that feedback and also to discover new and exciting games I can play with them now that they are a little older!

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Welcome! It's a great place

Welcome! It's a great place to have people tell you what's wrong with stuff ;)

Chunkysoup wrote:
I still had not found a game that we could play in the RPG format. I know there must be some out there but couldn't find any

That sounds like an opportunity for an ad :)

(yes, that's a closed kickstarter, but it's still where all my graphics are)

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Welcome to the forum! I'm new

Welcome to the forum! I'm new here too, but I hope to see you around. ^^

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Welcome to BGDF!

Welcome to the site...we're all engaged in various aspects of the industry, from design and development, to proofreading and editing, to play-testing to facilitators of these activities. Generally, it's a wonderful place and you'll receive constructive criticism...don't take it personally. There's no one out here who published their first game without a few lumps. Across the community, we have folks breaking into the industry, attempting to get their first game out there, to those with only a few published games as a designer or developer, like myself, to esteemed colleagues who have an impressive CV from whom you'll learn quite a bit, such as Dr. Lewis Pulsipher.

Again, welcome to BGDF!

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