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Long time gamer, short time creator.

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Joined: 05/24/2016
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Hey there,
My name is Jose, 34 Structural Drafter from Perth Australia.
I've been playing table top war games like 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer Quest, Warmachine for a long long time. I did try Shadowrun once or twice and while I didn't like it much, it did introduce me to Cyberpunk, which I have since loved and have had a lot of inspiration from. While there are some cool sci-fi themed skirmish games like Infinity, I just hated the lack of strong customizing and RPG elements that a lot of these new games lacked.

I've been working on a "derelict cyberpunk" skirmish game for the past year and a half. Been play testing and writing it for a long time, but finding play testers has been hard.
While past attempts at game mechanics were successful, I am at a point where its the third time re writing the mechanics and rules again.
Mostly because I want to go back to a "gang" theme, where each character can go up levels and keeping the game simpler, shorter with more in-depth RPG elements.

The past few weeks I have also been playing simpler (but fantastic) games like Go Sushi and Tsuro. Through my search for new games I stumbled on dungeon crawler card games like Munchkin which are great!
While writing the "Hacker" section of my game I came up with a card game which was simple, but after a few sleeps I realized I could really expand on it and one night I was up until 2am working on it and I cant seem to stop. Some similar elements to Netrunner but my main purpose was to keep it a short game which families could play but still keep the Cyberpunk theme.
Haven't played tested yet, but I am hoping to keep the game 15-30 mins.

I am here to learn more about design process and ideas on how to continue on to make at least one of my games a reality.

Attached some pictures of past play tests of my other game. Miniatures are from Hassle free minis.

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OK, here it goes, ready?

I like the idea of a wargame with RPG elements. I have the same principel. And I am happy someone else has joined the forums with this idea. (Just to make sure, I only do this as a hobby)

I am curious to what you have thought of.


It is your first time too.
And you just started.

Since it is a wargame. With the emphasis on different units that wage war. You need to do a lot of play testing.
The reason is, balance.

A perfect balance is impossible. But a practical one is possible.

The level of difficulty of finding a balance grows large very quickly. With every aspect that you add to the game.

I welcome you to the forums. And I am happy to share my experience so far.

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Have you checked out local gaming stores? I'm working on an abstract but I went to a game night & some people were kind enough to play & provide feedback. Taking snacks helps as well.

Also, it might be to far to travel but there is a protospiell at Bankstown (Sydney) the 2nd weekend of July. There should be plenty of play testers there.

Good luck with the rpg

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Excellent thought and

Excellent thought and thinking. I like the idea you shared.

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@X3M I’ll write up a quick

I’ll write up a quick summary of it this weekend. If interested though my ideas and fluff are on my blog here >
But yes the balance is important, so far the games have worked well but what I mostly dislike is the time it takes to create characters and play.

Oh yes, I’ve been going to a games club not too far from my place where there are tables set up for all sort of board games. As soon as I finish up writing up latest version I’ll be play testing there. Haha yes pizza and beer is always a good offering to entice play testers.

Thanks guys

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