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Long-time lurker...

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Joined: 06/15/2014

Hi everyone!

It may seem odd to introduce myself after 3.5 years' lurking... but hi, I'm Felix!

Growing up with a German family, our shelves were always packed with board games (the latest Spiel des Jahres a certainty for the family Christmas present). As I got older, my group of friends played a lot of board games and expanded my range beyond Euro-games.

For the past 4 years I have been developing a board game (hence my sign-up here 3.5 years ago). The idea was to design a Euro-game with solid core mechanics that would be easy to pick up, fun to play, but hard to master. We played a lot of, but complained even more about, Risk, so part of the design challenge was to create a game that would allow us to strategically destroy one another, but without the many shortcomings of Risk.

I am actually very happy with how Ascendancy is turning out (after years of rapid prototyping and refinement), and I'm now trying to more actively get blind play-testers and all the feedback I possibly can.

(If the forum rules permit it, may I post a link to the BGG PNP thread?)

Anyway, also looking forward to learning more about board game design theory and getting to know others. I've recently moved to the SF Bay Area, so if anyone is around here, I'd love to grab a coffee sometime :)


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Welcome to the forum

Welcome to BGDF... a bit inverted since you've been here longer than I have.

The first game I worked on was also born from friends' complains about existing games :)

Though SF is closer than Germany, still a bit out of let's-get-a-coffee range. There are organized playtest groups here in the greater New York City area, and I'd be surprised if there weren't any in the SF Bay area as well.

Best of luck with your project!

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SF & Bay Area Design community

The Bay Area boardgame design community is wonderful! Welcome to the area!

I highly recommend joining the facebook group "Bay Area Tabletop Devs" which posts up lots of events for board game designers in SF and the East Bay!

Also coming up is Protospiel San Jose – one of the best best events on the West Coast for playtesting and meetings lots of other designers.

There is also a small protospiel during DundraCon in February as well.

I'm in Sunnyvale, so you'll see me around at a lot of the above events (and many others)!

Joined: 06/15/2014
Thanks for the

Thanks for the welcome!

Appreciate the tips re the FB group and Protospiel! I'll check both out.

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