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New from Blacksburg, Virginia

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Joined: 03/12/2012

Hello! I've been familiar with the site for a few months, but was convinced to take the plunge upon reading Tasty Minstrel Game's informative "How To Make A Board Game" guide on their site. I've been playing around with game design for the past two years, but always hit a wall when it comes to prototyping and recieving feedback on my ideas. I figured it was time to get over that if I'm going to seriously design games, so here I am. I've got around nine or ten game outlines on a million scraps of paper, with three nearing playtesting, and one I should be testing by the end of the week (a tile placing game inspired by color theory/ models, somewhat like Qwirkle but with triangles).

I can't wait to read your ideas, and I hope you enjoy mine!

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