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Hi, I'm a writer, with a few published short stories, and former member of a game creation group here in New York. I've been trying to get some game ideas going for some of my work but I'm trying to find the right kind of casual game that would appeal across various age groups.

In the meantime I'm working on a fantasy novel and came up with a card game that's played in the story. It's a lot more complicated than I realized to make a card game. I found this site and it's the best of the ones I trawled through so I'm hoping to get some useful help here.

I also enjoy playing games from poker, to Uno and scrabble and have games on my cell phone and iPad.

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It's a lot more complicated...

I agree with you... I've been working almost five (5) years on my Card Game "Tradewars - Homeworld". Funny you should mention that you are a writer... I've recently connected with a writer who will be pen-ing "backstories/bios" for our game...

We've got a couple people on the team that enjoy "writing" - but I needed someone who would be "more available" to take the factoid/story-pieces for four (4) Factions.

The problem with Card Games is that it's difficult to design something deceptively simple with enough depth and strategy to have players come back to the table for yet another game. I feel very fortunate for the inspiration that I got for my game ... even though we went through over 25 prototypes/versions of the game!

Anyways welcome to the Fora... Feel free to post whatever questions/share whatever ideas you have "brewing"/comment on other's posts/generally feel welcomed to post YOUR perspective on whatever interest you!


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Welcome! I've never published

Welcome! I've never published anything yet, but I've written songs, short stories, and a full length novel - even had some nibbles at that one, but it's been on the back burner as other endeavors have become priorities. You know, family, kids, and... board games!!!

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