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Zak Eidson
Joined: 01/27/2017

Hello there, my name's Zak, and I am new in every sense of the term. While I've had ideas in the past for various game concepts I've never really attempted to follow through on any of them; however, more recently I had an idea that I particularly liked so I began developing the concept. School keeps me pretty busy, but when I have had the time I try to work on my concept. Honestly, I probably never would have even thought to look for a community with similar interests to mine (or one that could help when I inevitably get stuck), but a designer I met at a convention suggested it, so here I am with a concept, a hand full of notes, and not a clue what to do next.

I'll post information about my concept somewhere else... as soon as I figure out where I should post it. Shouldn't take me long unless school whatnot interferes.

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Joined: 11/01/2008

Welcome to the BGDF!

Above is the place to post the game idea "as is". I suggest just posting a short description of the concept and mechanics in the game that might be use and see where that takes you.

To get your feet wet take a look over the information on:


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