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New from StL!

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Hello! I'm Chase and like most (probably all?) of you I love board games.

I've wanted to design my own game for a while now. I've got some ideas floating around in my head but it wasn't until recently that I really started researching what it takes to take a board game from concept to shelf. I've started listening to a handful of podcasts, Board Game Design Lab, Breaking into Board Games and Heavy Cardboard notably and I would love your recommendations for other 'essential reading.'

So, what books/podcasts/etc would you recommend for the basics of board game design?

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to BGDF, Chase! Enjoy your time here.

I've not prioritized podcasts, though I'm subscribed to one (BGDL). And there are a number of game reviewers on YouTube that are worth watching every once in a while. Others can speak with more authority on those.

Meanwhile, I read and collect a fair number of books. Here are three off the top of my head: one I come back to constantly is The Kobold Book of Game Design. Lew Pulsipher's book Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish is my most recent acquisition, and I treasure it (lewpuls occasionally posts here at BGDF and I recommend you read and consider anything he's written). Finally, a book I come back to for inspiration and diversion is Reiner Knizia's Dice Games Properly Explained. It may be difficult to find this one, but it's worth it, worth it, worth it! It includes dozens of examples, along with a fairly straightforward explanation of probability and how to mitigate/balance luck against player action.

Best of success to you and your projects, Chase. :)

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