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Joined: 06/26/2016

Hi everyone!

I've been working on a board game for a while now for my game group and started wacthing YouTube vids on how to design and found you guys. I hope to learn a lot here:)

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You'll definitely learn

You'll definitely learn something since I'm here :)

A Round Tuit
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Joined: 01/21/2016
No egos here. Nope. We're super humble.

Woooow, Squinshee. XD

Welcome! Feel free to ask questions and talk through your design woes and hurdles. There's a ton of collective experience here.

What's the game you've been working on like?
Also, which design videos have your watched?

The Professor
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There are many folks out here who share your passion and can steer you away from many of the obstacles and pitfalls inherent in the industry.

As ART asked, what type of game are you designing?


Joined: 06/26/2016
Thank you for the warm welcome!

I watched all of Edo's videos so far and watching The Forbidden Limb and am up to where they changed their name.

As far as the game I'm designing it's like FTL the video game in a way. It has a lot of elements from different games as well like the map from Path Finders and the Deck of Despair from Pandemic.

I want it to be more of a simulator so they are five major roles and they play different then the others so it's almost like a Five Tribes where you have a ton of ways to get points but each player is designed to focus on one strategy so the whole group doesn't die.

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