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Newbie in the UK

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I'm based in Birmingham, UK.

I had the kernel of an idea for an abstract game knocking around in the back of my mind for several years. Occasionally I'd show it to a close and trusted friend, and they all seemed to think it had 'legs' - but whatcha gonna do?

Then through a bizarre set of circumstances, involving (and I'm not making these up) a poorly child (who has subsequently fully recovered), a disappointing result for the soccer team I support and a sudden rain shower - I bumped into some guys plugging the UK Game Expo, I plucked up the courage to tell them what everyone in the world must tell them every day 'Hey I've got a game' and they told me there'd be playtesting opportunities at the Expo.

I applied, got a slot and went along on the Sunday and had an eye-opening day, not only honing the game to make it about 1000% better, but by soaking up the atmosphere of this wonderful sub-culture.

I have since immersed myself in board game research (much to the bafflement of family and friends), and have built up an extensive Amazon wishlist, been to a local Board Game meet-up and am working my way through episodes of Table Top.

I have also had some ideas for other games. I'm a bit shy about sharing, because I genuinely don't know if these have been done before. In brief...

Sufoki - my abstract game that started the whole thing. 2-4 players, games take between 5 and 15 minutes and are different every time. Minimal pieces (6x6 board, 2-4 player pawns, 12 blocks and a D6) Can explain the rules in less than 60 seconds. Has been play-tested quite a bit.

Family Row - as in argument, not as in 'the boat'. Board game for, ideally, 4-6 players (although am working out how to do it as a 2 or 3). I figured a lot of board games end in family rows anyway - why not make that the stated aim? Family members travel around a 4-bed semi, collecting household items (including an unopened Fondu Set, a Cricket Bat and a Lady Diana Memorial Plate) and rowing with each other. Moral Highground cards help you win rows, and potentially send other family members to 'The Doghouse'. Has been briefly play-tested.

Zombie Fairground - The world's 4 greatest Zombie hunters (that'd be you and three friends) are airlifted in to a Fairground that's had an outbreak of Zombism. Players must work together to neutralise the Zombie threat, save the innocent thrill-seekers and possibly win a goldfish. Half way through the game, one player get's bitten and turns Zombie-side. The 'board' consists of different fairground rides, that have a tendency to explode. I'm sure similar has been done, hopefully my complete naivety means the mechanic is different enough from already existing games. Thinking of calling one of the rides 'Big Dave's Thunder Bastard'. Have play-tested this on my own. What a tragic figure I must cut.

Cricket card game - Hasn't got a title. Card game based on the world's greatest sport - Cricket. Batting team is made up of Top, Middle and Lower Order batsmen, Bowling team has Quicks, Spinners and Medium Pacers. Players decide how many of each they have in their line-up/overs within certain parameters and then draw 6 cards per over to see how many runs are scored or how many wickets are taken. Might be similar to a couple of old card games that exist in places like New Zealand. Although this has a DRS mechanic.

Some kind of game based on the UK Stand-up Comedy Circuit. In real initial development phase with this one. Players build up minutes of material, reputation points and a fanbase in order to play bigger gigs, snag an agent and get a TV special. Dice rolls dictate how the 'gigs' go, some gigs are easier than others. Problem: can't think how to decide a winner? Game, like the actual circuit, could just continue on and on and on until a combination of over-saturation of TV comedy, Groupon and a recession make everyone quit or starve to death. As I say, haven't really thought this one through.

Anyway. That's me.

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Sound like games I would like

Sound like games I would like to play

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I too was at the Playtest zone at expo so may have seen your game there! Don't remember paying it though.

Anyway, hello and welcome to the hobby. I'm a relative newcomer myself and have been well and truly bitten by the designing bug. It's addictive stuff.

I like the sounds of your ideas, particular the more niche British ones such as the comedy circuit and cricket! My advice in this early stage would be to play play play games, play play play some more.

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