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This is the post where I present myself to a new nice forum I found

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I am a student and a programmer (C, C++, Lua, Bash, QML...). I am here because I really like board games and I plan to create a new one. I like this forum for what I've seen so far - I hope I will be a good member!

Since I was a child I liked to make rules for new games I invented. With my sister we modified Monopoly using LEGO pieces creating a kind of "Farming Monopoly" with fields of pieces you can buy, grow the pieces then sell them for money. The rules where pretty complex - but this is offtopic.
Then one day I discovered that such games as the ones I always tried to make - without dices with their randomness - with deep strategic and tactic rules - already existed.
My first board game of them was Agricola. I also really like Puerto Rico.

The time has come for me to create my own board game, so I am here.
The game is still in its early stages, and hopefully with your help (I'll write in this forum for some constructive discussion :D) it will see the light.
The game name for now is "Antarctica", and the theme is the exploration and the run to the South Pole in the 188x-191x period.
Each player leads an expedition to this far continent and tries to get to the South Pole first. You have to plan strategically the expedition since to get there you need to create bases along the track in the summer to use in the winter and manage wisely your resources. I think I'll use a central common board with the geography of the continent. At the beginning of the game some random seed conditions that will affect strategies (such as the climate) are set, then the players will get equipment, resources, cards, pieces and stuff with some sort of drafting. The game core will be probably based on resource managing and planning - more than a rush to victory points: a wise use of your resources will bring you easily (or easier ;)) to the victory, while if you waste them you'll get in the long run huge delays and disadvantages. This concept is opposed to other games where if you waste half your turns doing nothing and you wake up in the mid game you can start doing things as nothing happened (but sure, don't expect to win): in this game your men are to the pole where the average temperature is -50C, they need your guide to not freeze - I hope I explained well this point.
I'll update you as I make progress with the design, and please tell what you think!

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Good morning Tron42

Welcome to the forum.

Your exploration game sounds awesome of a challenge for strategy, tactics and resource building. Keep going on your game. Don’t rush your project. Let the project talk to you in the game design. There are tons of people here that will help you out in one way or another.

Bows respectively.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;
Jesse F.

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One of us....

Once you start down this road, forever will it dominate your destiny.

Welcome to a great hobby, get stuck in!

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