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Rule 1: Don't be a dick

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Recently it's come to my attention that there have been some aggressive threads. In the past, BGDF has always been a self-moderated community, full of helpful and supportive members. This is a tone that alway be present.

Please be aware that there are people reading your posts, that people do speak up about them, and aggressive users have no place here. Remember the mantra is Helpful, and supportive. Please review your post before sending it to ensure it is both of those things.

As a community, if you see threads taking an aggressive turn, please alert me.

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Joined: 10/17/2012
Instead of wagging fingers at

Instead of wagging fingers at the whole community, how about targeting the offenders?

I mean, we all know this is almost completely directed towards Soulfinger.

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Joined: 02/11/2015
I've seen Soulfinger be

I've seen Soulfinger be honest, but I never considered it hostile or aggressive.

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Joined: 10/17/2012
Agreed. I bet others think

Agreed. I bet others think differently.

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Joined: 02/11/2015
Ah, I see. I had the

Ah, I see. I had the impression that you thought he was being aggressive. There was a thread last week where someone was asking for feedback on a logo and became pretty offended that people offered some criticism. Maybe someone like that might feel that way.

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I for one appreciate those

I for one appreciate those who can be brutally honest; rarely do I see any member step out of line, with the one exception of our "perfectly balanced RPG" friend...and who didn't honestly at least somewhat enjoy going through THAT pile of troll turd?

I've been given brutal honesty here, and have improved thanks to it. I have the benefit of being in a creative profession, where good enough doesn't deliver and ideas are regularly put through the ringer, and it's up the the owner of that concept to back it up, take criticism and improve it, or ditch it for not being good enough.

That said I try and be kind in my criticism here, as I assume most enjoy game design as a hobby, and I know how sensitive people can be about their "babies" when they're not used to harsh's instantly taken as offensive. I wish these people luck with their games, but if anyone has any real hopes of publishing their work and seeing it succeed past their immediate circle (anyone can sell a dozen copies to friends and family), they're going to have to learn how to take criticism.

Imagine someone puts their game out to the think hyper-sensitivity will be placated by the internet public? I know this much, what has been offered up to some here is NOTHING compared to what the outside world will put your game through...better to get some focused dose of reality here and improve than ignore it all, go on about your way and face the court of public opinion. Of course the worst criticism is none at all...being completely ignored because your work can't even elicit a response.

I agree, we should all be helpful, kind and supportive...and I think overwhelmingly that s just what this community is. Those who feel the sting from some of our community, frankly in some way or another deserve it. Joining just to plug your game on Kickstarter and then vanish, never contributing to the community; ask for criticism and then cry when you get's a tough world out there...bring a helmet or stay home.

Willem Verheij
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It's of course important to

It's of course important to give constructive critisism since that helps improve a game.

But still, that can be given in many different ways.
Swearing and name calling is an obvious one to avoid, but a condecending tone is also something to watch out for. Especially since on forums it can sometimes be hard to tell if someone is being condecending or not.

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chris_mancini wrote:I for one

chris_mancini wrote:
I for one appreciate those who can be brutally honest; rarely do I see any member step out of line, with the one exception of our "perfectly balanced RPG" friend...and who didn't honestly at least somewhat enjoy going through THAT pile of troll turd?

I want to comment your opinion mancini. I understand your point of view but it depends many time what someone interpret of something that read.

One can say a thing in many different ways. Someone can be crude in many different ways. I understand that learn to discuss and criticize is something that people learn through the whole life.

But to learn we need to fail. My opinion about this is that if someone feel bad for something that he read it is good to say it. And of course a bit of moderation prior to write something is a good practice.

Anyway is impossible to be "perfect" all the time. Discuss these things are good. If some discussion happen about how crude is some critic in some thread is fine. It is better to be clear about this.

Personally Im a bit more rude (not very much) in my opinions that I write here. But anyway I know how to write something properly to evade any kind of "damage" in the other side. I noticed that in this site people tend to have some values different of my country but I understand and I adapt.

Anyway I wrote some time ago something slightly rude, being ironic about religion or politic, and I feel that for some people very sensitive can be disgusting. You notice if you are so rude depending on how the people react, and then because the intention is not to be harmful one must adapt for a more clear communication.

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My oppinion

Harsh words are only harsh when you read them as harsh.
Read them as sarcastic or a joke. Then things turn out much brighter and more constructive.

If someone triggers you, simply ignore??
If you are triggered by a repeating thing, simply ignore??

It becomes troublesome if someone is repeatedly posting "bad" stuff in someone's direction.
Further, we got ourselves an Admin with a capital A, who can receive PM about any trouble you have regarding posts. It can be solved in the shadow's, sort of speak. And the damage, if any, is kept to a minimum.

Talking openly about this can be good, but keep it short. For it triggers the "real" problem to expand.


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We're all here for one main

We're all here for one main reason...because we love games, and have a dream, whether it be currently realized or not, of designing and publishing one of our own.

It takes a lot of courage to post ideas, especially for new members who are just starting out and learning how to go about things. That's what makes this community so special; the amazing amount of advice, support and collaboration to be found here.

Sometimes we need a little check...I think this post from our awesome admin and community leader is a good reminder that we are all dreaming of achieving, or continuing to achieve, the same thing.

Thanks Rich for all you do, and thank to the community for being there to offer honest opinions and valuable guidance, whatever the tone in which it's offered.

Experimental Designs
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I never had a problem with

I never had a problem with anyone here and the feedback has been useful. As far as anyone who is easily triggered, a little bit of criticism constructive or otherwise can go a little ways. The court of public opinion does not give a rat's butt about sensibilities. However this is the internet and you got those who feel empowered by being a professional douchenozzels and with that being said it is also a responsibility to not feed the trolls.

What does not hurt you makes you stronger, so don't let criticism grind you down.

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I don't know if there's

I don't know if there's something that was posted that was since deleted (along with those many many other posts that were deleted) that was aggressive.

But none of the posts that I *did* see were aggressive.

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I say we hang him, *then* we kill him!

Squinshee wrote:
I mean, we all know this is almost completely directed towards Soulfinger.

No way! I'm pretty sure this is directed at . . . uh . . . Soulfinger! Let's get him!!!

Soooooo . . . when I was in college, I took plenty of courses where constructive criticism was the rule of the day. You say something nice and then couch your negative criticisms in a polite manner. Everyone gets an overall neutral review of their work. Pats on the back all around! I took a poetry class once and purposefully tested this out by generating some truly terrible content (intentionally, for once). The only person willing to be honest with me was a redneck who was nearly too ashamed to admit that he didn't understand all of the deep meanings and social contexts that the other students were reading into my work. It just sounded like a poem about a bowel movement to him, which it was. I gave him a standing ovation. The structure of "constructive criticism" had made it nearly impossible to generate honest feedback.

Things lean further toward the positive on the Internet, in part because of an earnest effort to tamp down the overt "trolls" who turn My Little Pony comment sections into racist diatribes against the president but also because, I think, anonymity is a direct pipeline of insecurity, going one way or the other, which I won't say I am exempt from. There are always white knights though, overly zealous to stand up for justice and virtue, and that baseless five-star parade tends to malign honest-to-goodness negative critique. I do like the idea of every site having a black knight to counterbalance things, someone who will just flat-out stab you in the gut, not with malice, just to prove your mettle. When someone is scandalized by such villainy, you certainly know that they've prioritized receiving input over giving it, or we'd have met already. The way I see it, you can't hope to face up to the trolls down the road if you can't face down the black knight.

Obviously enough, when the admin publicly calls you a dick, you know you are doing something wrong. So, my apologies to the offended parties (except that one guy). I hope at least a couple people have noticed that if I lay into someone's Mary Sue, I'm ready to patch up and do hand holding afterwards, because -- believe it or not -- I want you all to win YUGE, bigger than Donald Trump. I even give glowing praise. Conversely, if someone responds by being obstinate, butt-hurt, and/or most especially lays into another poster who is being genuinely helpful . . . well, yeah, at that point there is entertainment value in it for me. I live a very unfulfilling and stressful life, and most of my advice is based in the years of effort that went into building up a career that collapsed out from under me. It's easier to research markets while caring for the chronically ill than it is to generate actual content -- or maybe it's not, and that's my excuse. I'm not shy about admitting that I post in my dickish way as a release valve for the pressure that I'm under, and I'm not volunteering that as an excuse for my tone. If what I'm doing is inappropriate for this forum, no problem, I'll stop. It was fun for me while it lasted.

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Soulfinger wrote: +1

Soulfinger wrote:


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