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Saying hi, creating a party game

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Joined: 12/08/2011

Hi there! My name is Marijn and I live in the Netherlands, in Europe. As a young boy already I designed my own games on large sheets of paper and in notebooks. In my notebooks I would draw these Police Quest / King Quest-like adventure games with each decision/direction pointing to a specific page. I've looked in studying game design several times but in the end never did anything with it. Until now, because I've got this idea for a board game that I find a very interesting project to get busy with. It won't be an adventure/RPGish game but rather a fun party game to play with people mainly to have fun and perhaps learn more about each other. But more about that later!

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Joined: 12/20/2010

Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing your ideas. We're all here for roughly that same reason... we've been designing games (at least in our heads / circle of friends) forever and we're ready to tell someone about it.
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