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Simon Strange

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Mr. Strange
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Joined: 11/30/2011

Hello, my name is Simon Strange. I've been a professional console game designer for the past 14 years, with a focus in systems design. A year or two ago I got the bug to make a sweet boardgame, and as of November my project "Mass Victory" is, I believe, ready for publication.

I'm not looking to make money (though a token would be nice). I really want the cred of having a big commercial game box sitting on my shelf next to my shrink wrapped PS1 and Xbox boxes.

I blog three times a week at I have three posts specifically about the development of my boardgame:

My main design goals for the game were:

1 - Make a game which plays well with 2 - 10 people. Make sure it doesn't take hours longer with more people, but the mechanics must scale properly!

2 - Make a game which can be put back in the box in seconds - no stacks of different components to individually ziploc!

I think I was very successful at meeting those goals. But were they good goals? Give me your feedback.

I've been using to print components - I've been really pleased with their quality, especially their cards. If only they could print large (24" x 24") mapboards I would seriously consider using them to self-publish the game.

I attended BGG.con two weeks ago, and someone there suggested I join this community, to help my search for willing publishers. Point me in the right direction!

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Great goals!

Hi, I do not have time to properly read your posts right now since I am in a coffe break at work right now, but since you want feedback just let me say I *really* like your two goals: 2 to 10 players, easy to setup and remove, game time not depending on the number of players?
This scores a big "YES!" from me, for what it's worth.

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Hello Simon

If your goal is not to make money then being a board game designer is right for you.

The challenge is to get it published. There are basically two options each of which can play out in a number of ways.

1. Self publish: High commitment and financial risk.
2. Find a publisher for your game: High uncertainty, no risk.

Which are you interested in?

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Joined: 07/21/2008
Hi Simon ... Welcome! Did you

Hi Simon ... Welcome!

Did you get to play the game with folks at BGG.con? I think playing and/or "showing off" your game at gaming cons is a great way to stir-up some interest among people who know the genre well. It gets some buzz going, and you might get it in front of someone who knows someone at a publisher.

Michael at Tasty Minstrel Games wrote a couple of advice posts about getting published:

Also, there are some publishers in the hobby/designer game market that still take outside submissions. I know that Z-man ( is one.

Good luck ... let us know how it goes!


Willi B
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my horrible 2 cents

"I'm not looking to make money (though a token would be nice). I really want the cred of having a big commercial game box sitting on my shelf next to my shrink wrapped PS1 and Xbox boxes."

Shouldn't your board game design have the same respect as the video games? If so, wouldn't that mean getting it published with a respectable company?

It seems to me if you are serious about the game, you give it the same respect as a video game design that you may have had a hand in and put in the work to deserve the equal shelf space.

Otherwise, just do a well done prototype because it won't matter. It would have the same meaning as a self-published book.

Cred is cred. Peacocking is peacocking. If you are a game designer, you are a game designer.

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Joined: 07/18/2010
Welcome to BGDF! Your goals

Welcome to BGDF! Your goals are good and, looking over your blog, so is your approach to game design and problem solving. The gamecrafter is good for making nice prototypes. Here's a list of publishers that accept outside submissions: Another approach is to pitch your game to publishers in person at a convention. Just make sure your game is ready and has been playtested thoroughly (including blind testing).

As an aside, im not sure why Will B is so upset.

Good luck with your game!

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