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Stranded in Paradise

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Joined: 10/12/2013

Hello, I have built many board games a few card games and a set of rules for Napoleonic miniatures.
None of the board games are published but they were played in a local gaming club.

Since moving to a small village in Thailand, I have no one to play games with. (or force to play test my own)

But one cannot just stop! So I began building an online game.

If anyone is interested in helping to play test a 4X space game, please pm me.

Joined: 10/09/2013
300 Strong...errr, not.

I know how you feel man. I grew up in a town of 300 sports infused souls. I didn't really have anyone other than my two younger brothers to play board games with (My two older sisters weren't reliable either).

We hope we can help you playtest some of your games and get you on the road to a completed game.

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