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Tubesteak - new user post

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Joined: 11/16/2014

Hi folks,

I'm a long time gamer, but only recently got the bug for board game design. My 10 year old son came up with a game idea and that spurred me on to help him refine it, work a theme into it, etc. Once I started doing that, more and more ideas have come to mind.

And in light of that, I'm interested in conversing with other like-minded people and this site seems to be one of the most active and well-recommended.

I look forward to chatting with all of you in the future.

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Joined: 09/09/2014
Hi - welcome aboard. My son

Hi - welcome aboard. My son is 9 going on 10 and have to say, kids are an endless source if inspiration :)
Looking forward to hearing more about your ideas.


Joined: 11/16/2014

Thanks Thomas. I appreciate it.
I just made my first post about one of my games and I hope to contribute more whenever I can.


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