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Where to from here?

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G'day......thought I would start making my lifelong dream a reality! I am a single stay-at-home mother of four children (aged 6-16). I am looking into having one of my three board-games self-published. I have produced 3 prototypes that have been play tested and have been collecting dust for sometime. I am now wanting to blow the dust of them and start the ball rolling again. My original idea was conceived in 1984 and I have been so called "perfecting" this board-game now for quite some time...!

The first game is a memory game called "JUMP-FROG" and is aimed for children pre-school to around year 2. The second game is called "COMMUNICATE" (without the 8) and this is a game which encourages dialogue between friends, families and couples. The third game is "ALPHA & OMEGA" and this game is specifically aimed for those interested in Jesus Christ.

I joined the Inventor's Club here on the Coast back in 1998 before relocating to Melbourne. I then had a few extra kids to keep me out of mischief. I was able to attend the Australian Games Expo held in Albury in June 2008 and found it very informative and encouraging. Now, 5 years later, after a marriage break-down and relocation back to the Coast, I am trying to begin the mammoth task of self-publishing ... so where to from here?

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One way to do it...

Shazee wrote:
...I am trying to begin the mammoth task of self-publishing ... so where to from here?

Depending on the *game components* your games have, you could have several options.

1. Look at The Game Crafter ( They have good options when dealing with cards, dice, pawns, boards, etc. You can "self-publish" your game for $0.00. So each time your game sells you make money. But don't expect high volume of sales. But it's also a great way to create a NICE prototype instead of B&W or self-cut cards, etc.

2. Take it to the NEXT level and use Kickstarter ( This allows you to FUND things like artwork, initial production runs (which usually require a 500 unit minimum). You can expect, depending on the game, to get funding $5,000 and up (if you are successful). It's a good way to pay for costly "game inventory". But again you should expect 200+ contributors... So you would still have inventory left over.

3. After #1 and #2, see if a publisher would be interested in MARKETING your game further. So you have self-published your game, gotten a small following for your game. Now you are interested in taking it to the next level with distribution deals and marketing to boot! Honestly I have not reached this step, although I have self-published...

This is *my own* strategy. Some designers would ignore artwork and final production and seek to attract a publisher right after they write the rules to their game and have a *working* prototype. It doesn't need to be the prettiest - but using software like Photoshop or Illustrator to make a nice prototype is probably a good idea.

I'll let other designers chime in with their thoughts on "Self-Publishing" vs. "Using a Publisher". I'm pretty sure there are other designers following a different path. But the major stumbling block is DISTRIBUTION and MARKETING when it comes to *self-publishing*.

Best of luck with your games!

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you betcha

Quest didn't lie - he just stole my methods! ;-)

Self publish on a limited basis, take your games to Cons and hope to get noticed by the Big Boys.

Smile a lot. ;-)

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No excuse now....

Quest & Traz
Many thanks for your very valuable just saved me rediscovering how to re-invent the "board-game wheel"!

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Can help with artwork, design n production

Hi Shazee

This is Parvez from India. I have seen your post. I run a design studio and print-production service in Mumbai, India. Though traditionally a business/brand-development oriented and self-publishing services (books) company, we are slowly finding our feet in the gaming world, starting with a few card games and now, a board game for one of designers who came through BGDF.
We are very passionate about what we do and in your case, I think that is what's common to both of us.
If you are Ok to trying our design-art-visual development service we could give your board game concept - a smart, fresh look and also, help with initial prototype making and short-print orders that you may need for pitching to publishers, conferences, etc. All at very affordable, base rates. If you think it is worth trying out, do send me an email on and we can take it further from there.

Best rgds

Parvez Abedin
Eterniti Media
Mumbai India

Joined: 08/19/2013
Possible Design and/or Print-production

Hi Parvez

Many thanks for letting me know about your design studio and print-production services and yes I would very much be interested in finding out more information. I shall organize a detailed email to yourself soon and look forward to hearing from you in detail as to my next step in this process of making my dream a reality.


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Sure, look forward to your

Sure, look forward to your mail



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