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Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze

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Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Andrew Beardsley and I'm a board game designer living and working in London. I'm currently working on my first game called Zombie Princess and the Enchanted Maze. The game is currently coming towards the end of it's design and development and is being play tested.

The game is set in a hedge maze that grows and moves as it is explored. The maze also contains a rather angry Zombie Princess who is looking for lunch.

Can you find your key, navigate the maze and escape to freedom without being caught by the Zombie Princess?

- A game for 2 to 5 players

- Play time of 45 minutes to 1 hour

- Build and manipulate the maze as you play

- Control both the Zombie Princess and your own Knight

- Block your opponents whilst making a path for yourself

- Watch out for the Princess, she is hungry

- An exciting mix of strategy, risk and confrontation

- Turned into a zombie? Don't worry! Just attack the other players...

I'm documenting the design process on Tumblr:

and also have an Instagram page:

This game has been a few years in the making and I'd love to know what you all think. I'm also looking for play testers in London so if anyone is interested drop me a line.

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Wow, that is quite elaborate.

Wow, that is quite elaborate. Have you figured out how to manufacture it? Good use of a 3D printer. Looks really cool.

From the title, I assumed that the player was the Zombie Princess :)

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You play as a knight but all

You play as a knight but all the players also get to control the princess so there is a lot of player interaction, especially when four people are playing. You need to progress through the maze, whilst avoiding the princess, but also trying to sabotage the progress of your opponents. If you get turned into a zombie, your goal changes.
I've looked into 3D printing and have had some prototype 3D pieces made. I've developed a modular system that will allow the game to be assembled from a small number of components. On a small scale it is pretty expensive but I need to look at the cost at a larger scale.
What started out as a hobby to amuse myself has grown into something much bigger, but I'm getting great feedback from play testers and I'm pretty excited to see the game taking shape. I'm working with an Illustrator at the moment developing the characters and the look of the game.
Have a look at my Instagram and tumblr to see more.

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Hello Andrew! This game

Hello Andrew! This game sounds pretty interesting, thanks for sharing. How long have you been developing the game?


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Hi Chris, Glad you are

Hi Chris,

Glad you are interested in the game. I've been working on it for a couple of years now. I've now got an illustrator on board and am making the final tweaks to the game rules. I know I've got something that is really fun to play which has a theme and mechanic that are intrinsically linked.

I am looking to present it to publishers at the Board Game Expo in Birmingham in June but if that doesn't lead anywhere then I'll look at funding it's production on Kickstarter. I've been feeling my way in the dark a bit as this is my first game so any tips or advice from anyone would be most welcome! And of course, always happy to play the game - I can't have enough play testers!

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Looks great

Hi Andrew,

Your game sounds great, will you have a stall at UKGE? I'm also a new designer heading to the expo, be keen to come and have a look at Zombie Princess.



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I'll definitely be attending

I'll definitely be attending the UK Games Expo on the Sunday. I don't have a stand but I'm hoping to get a playtesting table and have the game set up there. I should have a couple of sets to play as well so everyone is welcome. Once I know more details I'll let you know.

Where are you based? If you are ever in London or Surrey (I live near Kingston) then you are welcome to come and play the game. The more people who play it the better!

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