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Alpha Phase Complete

Table Top Sneak Peak.png

I have done about 9 - 10 alpha play tests. I call these "alpha" tests because I am not giving the public a PnP just yet. Also, this has very few components; just enough to polish the game enough where I know its time to invest in more components and design (because design takes way too long to go around making physical prototypes and wasting time).

The game plays great, it is challenging, but gives you enough tools to evade your weaknesses and minister to the populations effectively. I only tried the 1 player game without deck building. This is a very watered down version (like the old demos for playstation) and will explode with possibilities when you can create your own identities and work together with other players.

I am very excited for the next step of design. Thank you for those who have been interested and are following along!

P.S. I've added a sneak peak of what a one player set up looks like mid-game on Tabletop Simulator. Thanks again.

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