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Asteroid19 (1)
Asteroid19 (2)

Hurtling through space, the mining platforms of the Asteroid19 International Consortium are poised for the next phase of a most challenging and ambitious space mission. The journey to this resource-rich rock was the easy part - by pooling their resources, the Consortium launched their craft, tracked their prize and landed amongst glorious success. But the terms of the partnership were simple - collaborate to arrive, compete on arrival! All agreed that the basic mining platforms, and the upgrades sent ahead in a separate storage craft, must be identical across all parties - and weapons were out of the question; the sheer hostility of this extra-terrestrial environment would provide ample opportunity to outwit one-another.

Close now to the Sun, half of the slowly rotating Asteroid19 is a fierce inferno, where no man-made object can survive. Under a stable surface, never-seen-before fluid dynamics violently shift the valuable resources these craft are here to extract. The economics of this venture are clear – to collect the pure, dense alien Gold worth trillions on the terrestrial markets, the more the better! Other resources are present, but valuable only in their use to upgrade the mining platforms’ mobility, drilling depth, resource compression and storage capacity.

So your challenge is clear: drill for resources, upgrade your platforms, and collect Gold, all whist running from a fiery demise. The mission ends when the final ounce of Gold has been extracted – the winner will have the most. Good luck!

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gamejournal | by Dr. Radut