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BGG Mint Tin Contest

I have submitted Island Apocalypse into the Board Game Geek Mint Tin Design Contest. I would love your support!

Check it out here.


Congratulations ala Post Malone!

Hope your game entry does well. How does it work? Tell us, is it a popularity contest?? Do the people with the most Votes win???

If that's the case ... you should make the case for every BGDF member to give your game a VOTE!

As a sign of "designer solidarity" and in keeping with the GOOD "reputation" of BGDF!!!

Anyways I haven't had a chance to look at the game - but I will. Tell us if you need votes... I'll be certain to post up a THREAD saying you would like people to vote for your game on the BGG website. But only if that is what you are looking for!

Cheers ... and keep us updated... And tell us HOW we can help!

Much appreciated!

Yes, I believe November 21st is when the submission deadline happens (cannot change the game beyond a certain date). Eventually, yes, votes for "Best in ...." will be held after the the submission deadline until December 5th. Until then, feedback on the design, play tests, and bumping my thread on BGG are the essentials at this point.

I am hoping to get "Best Overall Design", "Most Innovative Mechanic", and "Best Written Rules".

Quest, your support is greatly appreciated. Just you reaching out has encouraged me. This is my first time ever doing something like this. But why not! If I don't receive recognition, at least I'll have a game to publish soon!

Thanks again Quest and to all those who are willing to help.

Gave you a Thumbs Up - Just because you are trying!

Tbone wrote:
...Until then, feedback on the design, play tests, and bumping my thread on BGG are the essentials at this point...

Does that just mean giving your a "Thumbs Up" at this point??? I did that already (even before reading your game). But I will take a read of your rules and your game.

You should POST a "Thread" called "PLEASE Vote for my game on BGG Mint Contest" And post the link to the BGG page there and directions to give a "Thumbs Up"...

There aren't too many members at the moment... But maybe some lurkers too.

Good luck and try to stay positive!

WIP Thread

Thumbing my post for the design contest is great! Thumbing my WIP page for the contest is recommended :). Thumbing the post won't get me "votes" per se, but they will allow my post to get more views and support.

You don't think posting another thread would be spamming? Maybe not.

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