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Up a Creek 1 (27 Jan, 2016)


As part of January's Game Design Showdown -"Stronger Together"- I created the game currently titled Up a Creek. See rules here

After looking at some feedback and thinking about the game some more, I've started working on a very rough prototype. Mostly trying to get an idea of what the board/tiles will look like, and how players will navigate. This rough draft is probably not playable, but it really helped solidify the concept and give me an idea about how long the board would need to be, and what it could look like.

The tiles in this diagram are double sided, and intended to be played in the order shown, flipping each tile to its B-side after moving off it and replacing it "downstream."

Some ideas/To do
-Diamond shaped tiles and spaces (squares en pointe), to force downstream movement without the need for the different water tiles.
-Hex tiles with similar results as above
-Determine extent of permissible communication
-Build a ton more mock-tiles for use in play testing
-Think up several more special action cards/effects to try
-Play test

Same day update: Turns out that a simple excel formula and conditional formatting works pretty well for generating a bunch of sample tiles. Their not great for game-play, but it gives me a jumping off point.

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