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Destination: Venus

With all this talk of partnership game I thought I would bring up and start working on a promising one I had on the backburner.

Destination: Venus was a collaborative effort between Siddgames and myself on creating a game where players explored Venus with exploration teams that they didn't own. Every turn, players (leaders) would choose a team to control for that round to adventure through the forests of Venus and make discoveries. To make sure players wouldn't stay focused on one expedition, players were given shares at three different points during the game to place onto expeditions. These shares would then figure into the players score depending on the amount of published findings the expedition made.

The game was quite original in my opinion but, collaboration soon halted after both Siddgames and myself began to spend less time on the Forums. I want to start working on the game again. Simplicity is key for me however, so I'll start by simplifying a few of the current ideas we have and after they actually work, continue to add or subtract complexity from there.

The blog can be found here:

The last four posts are the most important because it was the most recent version we were working on. I'll be back soon to rewrite the last rulebook.


Exploration game

I went back and reread all of your posts on your exploration game. It is amazing some of the similarities I was also looking at for my shipwreck salvage game, so it was very helpful to read your ideas.

I was especially interested in your drafting share system. That has led me to expand my thinking on how a stock market system will work in my game.

Good luck on your design - I will be keeping tabs on it.


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