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Drafting Football Game


• Try to reach Desprez about his game, learnings.

• Dice decisions: Offense needs dice to represent multiple skills (passing, catching, running) so that the 'fun' part is deep enough athlete options. The same is true for Defense (Tackle dice based on target: QBs, RBs, WRs)

• Dice vs deterministic for Defense: Defensive athletes should sometimes miss their hits – by rolling blanks.

• Art: exaggerated features imitates the feel of the mechanics


1st and Goal

You might want to check out 1st and Goal, a football game that uses dice for its main mechanic. Make sure you don't make a game that's like it, or you'll be accused of being a clone of that game.


Thanks for the heads up. I'm safe there. This game is focused on drafting players over seasons and very little about resolving individual games.

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