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Dymino Monsters

During the course of the last few weeks and now closer to finally coming to the end of the first half of development of my long time project: Dymino Monsters, I have been thinking and rethinking about the Transportation details to the factions.

It's a whole new territory for me upon the details of diesel power engines and the style of fabrication hulls of each diesel punk airship I would love to see in my story.

I have decided to have diesel powered blimps and balloons for the air and a various kind of aircraft similar to bi-planes, 3 winged planes, and various other aircraft.

I'm not going to have floating / air cruiser ships, galley ships etc of that nature take place in my story or game. I want something different.

I how ever will have galley ships, cutter, galliot, baroque, all of the 24 1600's to 1900 century vessels for the sea.

For land transport, similar style model vessels but named and designed differently from the resources the World of Triidorium provides.

As you all may know, some of the factions have air, land and sea transport, only some do not have Transportation at all and some do not have air support or sea support.

Like I've mentioned above, the diesel punk era is new to me as in game development. I know and have watched many DieselPunk and steampunk era movies with Noir in them.

I love the art decor, fabrication, cloths and the big band and jazz eras.

So, I'm trying to depict in my own style, art and design to be different but subtle familiarity to what we all know.

This is why it's taking me quite a long time to decide the best course of development of what make sense and what doesn't as I trudge through the last bit of this game development.

Exciting, nerve racking, intrigued, bewildered of the course of all these years to come down to this.

Also, for each faction with their types of aircraft, land craft and sea transport, you all know that by looking on how many different vessels each faction will have in their units, for instance Balletonean faction has 6 types aircraft and 8 land crafts. This will also tell you how many numbers each unit will have. Well, for me that is. But on the card , it will display 100 to 6000 air craft on a single card. Like that of the faction units on land will have.

Luckily, I have gotten all of those faction units completed along time ago.

Stay tuned for more game journal developments of Dymino Monsters 2004 2021.


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