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Dymino Monsters: Dymin Collection

December 22, 2021

Dymino Monsters update

Dymino Monsters: Dymin Collection Encounter list:

409 cards in the collection.
4 sets in collection total.

December 22, 2021
I wrote 20 original encounters.

Previously during the course of December 2021:

45 names were created for the collection.

Still more to create from the Dymino Monsters encounters book.

In other news:

Last week I have several paragraphs written for one of the playable characters: Gemma Davis. She is a geologist/explorer and has two assistants Ehlquin and Palquin.

The three are in Wahaluna the abandoned Kingdom. What happened to the citizens to the Kingdom? What drove them away from the second largest mining industry in Trilidorium?

Hopefully Gemma and her assistants can gather more knowledge about Wahaluna.

Wahaluna was built 253 years ago. Its Kingdom is located in the Southern West hemisphere. From census data, Wahaluna had a population of thirty thousand plus.

Wahaluna was built on the First Moon of Ju'el.

Gemma Davis

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