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Dymino Monsters : Dymin Collection

Dymino Monsters: Dymin Collection list of names were completed on January 8, 2022.

2,841 encounters for Dymino Monsters.

Luckily I changed my mind of the 5,000 names for encounters for this game and as stopped at 2,841.

Not bad really for an epic game.

If I did, it would be another 2,159 names, but I've used every resource of to fill in the list that had gotten little mention from previous chapter decks, which was near the beginning of the game chapter decks.

Basically if there was such a monster or creature or humanoid type encounter, where did they come from?

That is what I mean by using every resource of story material I've used and added new types of encounters within the Dymin Collection sets.

Now to add the last 409 names on my prototype cards which were already hand cut in the November 2021.

I also have figured out a point system to the Dymin Collection sets.
It's going to challenge players to figure out new ways of getting through the sets, play style of combat and defense and where all of these encounters come from in the story.

No more cards to be added in Dymino Monsters.

Now as I said previously, novel writing time, manuscript writing time, digital format time, box artwork etc.

In April 2022, it will be 18 years in the making. Wow. I'm still excited for this game after all of these years.


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