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Dymino Monsters Isometric view

Dymino Monsters WaterFall playmat


Creative Project

Thanks for sharing all of your art with us, Jesse!

From your massive Dymino Monsters game design to your intricate and yet large-format artwork, you clearly have many talents. Excellent work!

Thank you sir.

I finally figured out how to add pictures to the game journal and not through the picture album in the prototype album here on bgdf months ago, but with designers looking for something different in isometric playmat views, I thought I would share my playmats.

I do have other play mats all hand drawn and colored by me. So far there are 21 play mats that all connect, upper and lower sections and can separate for more players to literally drop in and drop out at any point of the game.

In the beginning, okay, not so far in the beginning, 2009 - 2012 I started with the play mats and it took me 4 hours to draw and color at the bare minimum but also I would take breaks , watching a movie or taking a walk or something to get up from the chair I was in.

Now, it takes roughly an hour to draw the scene, coloring about 2 hours if I'm really focused.

I still have alot more play mats to work on. The largest play mat section so far that I will be dealing with is 18 sections that make up the Ancient Garden location. It has 11 upper sections and 7 lower sections.

I'm still learning and researching plants and trees to make it look right in an isometric environment view.

No matter where you and other players sit, the view is always correct or near correction of perspective of the X,Y,Z,W axis. Even from far away, the perspective on my play mats are pleasing to the eyes.

This is why I'm taking so long to get my "passion project complete."

I let my games do the talking for me. ????.

Thank you for the ongoing support and interest into my project.

Bows respectfully;


It looks great! Are you

It looks great!
Are you drawing all the maps yourself?

PS this seem to be in different tiles, have you considered using a map book for quick set up or it wouldn't work with your needs?

Glad you asked

Yes sir. I personally hand draw all of my game play mats by hand.

Different tiles?
Can you explain?
I think I've answered your question below, but not quite sure.

Here is my secret to get hex and non hex spaces on my play mats for player character cards.

The secret:

I tape 2 yugioh cards together and place them on to the 14" x 21" poster boards.

I draw as needed by visualizing how the path or multiple paths will look like. I also go on a huge whim to see where the path takes me.

I do some conceptual artwork on a much smaller scale.

On the much smaller scale, I draw on the back of index cards by adding 4 to 9 index cards together, non taped, and work on a location.

Out of my 21 play mats I only have 1 building and that's just part of the HornGull kingdom's Rampart.

Other play mats have bridges.

There are 2 play mats that have a top down isometric view and that's the ruined pathway. All other play mats right now are forest, desert, valleys, tunnels.

I dont have any building in city landscape yet. That wont take me long to draw , I just haven't gotten to it yet. Next year , definitely, for sure.

I'll post my thread as always when my game gets updated.

I have thought of a map booklet for this game a few times, but I'm not sure it will work. Maybe. I can see or visualize how it could work like a pop up book with out the pop up art. But thinking about it, players will have to reset up their cards, dominoes etc to move to the next location or part of the playmat and my conclusion would slow the game down and it would mess up the flow of action during game play.

Though a map booklet guide on a smaller scale would be neat to have. Like the walk through maps you find in Skyrim or Legends of Zelda play through guide books.

Which by the way, that's what I'm putting together. A walk through game guide, like D&D and Pathfinder for similarities.

As my nephew has put my game, "Its like coding , but only for tabletop".

I would really like to have all of my play mats on neoprene mats.

I will have to see how cards will behave on neoprene mats during gameplay. My hunch and theory that playing cards will stick better but may not slide as well. But I will have to see if it's feasible to manage or not.

If not, then I'll go with the folded matte play mats instead which will work as its runner up.

Lots to think about.

Thank you for your kind words and ongoing support for my game Dymino Monsters.

Bows respectfully;

Thanks for the detailed

Thanks for the detailed answer, lots of interesting info, now I can see the taped card structure you talk about :)

I wasn't super clear, I meant that the overall map is composed by 4 pieces placed together in a specific way. I called them tiles as other games have tiles to assemble their maps.

Anyway, most likely you won't need it, but you could check how Gloomhaven Jaws of the lion map-book works. They are actually 2 books, so some scenario maps are composed by 3 or 4 pages together. If heroes can keep exploring in one direction you could divide maps in 2 books or more. For example after you cross a bridge (and the sheet ends) it could indicate the book and page to open to continue in that direction, and you wouldn't need to reset all the components on the first map.
I think I'll do something similar when making a campaign version for Kabula :)

As I said, maybe not too relevant to your project, depending on the direction you want to take, just throwing ideas in case they are useful!

Good luck with the rest of the project!

Dymino Monsters play mats

I draw on 14" x 21" poster boards.

I draw with Bic black ball point pens.
Hand colored with colored pencils.


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