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Elemental Weakness

Elemental Weakness
Effect positive negative
fire solar 5% per 15% difference water 15% per 20%, ice 10% per 30%
water ice 10% per 25% fire 15% per 20%, energy 20% per 35%
ice water 2% per 15% fire 15% per 15%, energy 12% per 20%
earth plant 5% per 10% energy 10% per 20%, force 5% per 10%
energy earth 10% per 20%
solar fire 3% per 20% luner 1% per 5%
lunar solar 1% per 5%
light(negative) dark 30% per 10%
dark(negative) light 30% per 10%
plant earth 15% per 30%, solar 5% per 35% fire 20% per 10%
Force energy 5% per 20%, solar 10% per 30% Earth 10% per 20%

Elemental weakness
weaknesses affect each other positively or negatively, based on their type, for example, if your weakness to fire were 80% your solar weakness would drop 5%, and your water would gain 15%. This does not work in reverse though, unless it would affect you badly, meaning if you had fire at 115%, than your solar weakness would rise 5%.
these changes are only affected by wisdom, racial, or ability based weakness changes. This way just because one weakness changes because of another change, it would not set off a chain reaction or changes, nor would magical changes affect it in any way.

when calculating damage via weaknesses, you must determine the % of damage using weakness, so say a person used a fire spell on a fire creature that had -30% in weakness. The spell would do -30%, thus healing the fire creature instead of damaging it. Say if the attacker did 15 damage, instead it would do -4.5 rounded, -5, thus healing the creature by 5, instead of dealing the 15 damage.
Now say this same creature had 150% water weakness, and a spell shot 6 points of water damage to the creature, it would than take 9 damage instead, as 150% of 6 is 9(or 1.5*6=9). So if this creatures health were 4/9, the 5 that healed it would bring it back to 9, the water spell would have killed the creature.

Force is the equivalent of air, but since air itself brings no harm, the force of the air does, although it is not essentially treated as a heavy blow as from a hammer or a mace, but as the effect of the air itself, as in a tornado.
Energy is the equivalent of lightning/electricity.

You will notice that light and darkness have a descriptor in parenthesis, that is (negative). Negative energy is always damaging, however living creatures can be affected positively by light and darkness. Since the effect would be healing that would be positive. The positive effect of light and dark are considered to be 100% as there is little else that effects how much of the healing you receive as that is determined by what is healing you already, thus it would be pointless to put light(positive) and dark(positive). Undead are always negatively affected by light, and never negatively affected by dark, so they treat all light as light(negative) and they treat all dark energy as dark(positive)
Element start
The base elements: fire, water, earth, and energy start at 100% weakness, meaning you take full damage from them.
advanced elements: ice starts at 120%,
plant and force 110%
The grand elements:
light(negative)/dark(negative) start at 165%
solar/lunar 180%

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