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FCE: Cube-Picking

FCE: Picking Cubes

I utilize a cube-picking mechanic (very similar to old-skool chit-pulling) for Four Corners of the Earth. It's like drawing cards from a deck, but instead of shuffling cards I just shake cubes in a little pouch (thanks, Con of Champions 2020!). Since I currently don't use anything other than colour to distinguish one type of cube from the next, blank-faced cubes are all that are required.

Were this a deck of cards, I would need 7 suits: one for each of the six different Terrain, and one for the Restore action. Each Terrain has 12 cubes, and there are 3 blank white Restore cubes in the mix. This makes a total of 75 cubes.

This is how they are used in the current iteration:

  1. PICK PHASE: The Active Player shakes the pouch, and then draws out six cubes.
  2. If a Restore cube is picked, it is set aside for the moment and the pick is repeated until there are six Terrain cubes revealed.
  3. Starting with the Active Player, cubes are picked in a "snake draft" style and added to that Player's supply. Active Player picks 1, then Other Player picks 2. Active Player picks 2, and the Other Player takes the last one.
  4. MAKE PHASE: starting with the Active Player, there are three turns taken by each player to Make Terrain.
    • Discard 1 cube to add that colour's Terrain to the map grid.
    • Discard 3 matching cubes to add 2 of that colour's Terrain to the map grid, and gain 1 Dominion with that Terrain (marked on the score sheet).
    • Discard 3 matching cubes to add 3 of that colour's Terrain to the map grid, and gain 2 Dominion with that Terrain.
  5. After the first turn is done, players can choose to either Make or Pass, not using their cubes to Make Terrain.
  6. Once three turns have ended, then all used cubes are moved to the a discard pile.
  7. If a Restore cube was picked at the start of that Round, then all discarded cubes and the Restore cube are returned to the pouch, and the Active Player chooses a Terrain type that will be scored in the Energy Score category at the end of the game, marking it along the top edge of the map grid in the space provided.
  8. The roles of Active Player and Other Player switch, and the next Round begins.
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