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FCE: Eliminating Terrain

It's possible for players to use Mountain and Desert tiles to completely eliminate one of the other Terrain types from the map. As there are rules in place that require Terrain to be placed only adjacent to an already-existing Terrain of that type, there are a couple ways to remedy this.

  1. Allow players to add that eliminated Terrain along the edge of the map grid on a future turn.
  2. That Terrain is completely eliminated from the rest of the game.
  3. Ignore adjacency rules for that Terrain only, until it's back on the map grid.
  4. Eliminate the Terrain adjacency rule.

I like the idea of the map having some kind of coherency, so I think the last option is the least desirable at this point. However I should test the rest of them. Out of the lot, I think the first option is the most reasonable, but placing anywhere with option 3 doesn't seem over-powered and might have some tactical purpose.

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