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FCE: Example Game Setup

FCE: Example Map Grid, Ready to Play

This is an image of a map grid set up and ready for play. There is flexibility on the starting locations for the six different terrain, but there are some guidelines to follow.

  • DESERT must be across from RIVER.
  • RIVER must be next to SWAMP.

It's also helpful to have MOUNTAIN on either the left-center or right-center starting spot, but that's not a requirement.

I set these guidelines for both thematic and logistic reasons. SWAMP scoring has synergy with the RIVER, and I didn't want much interaction between the RIVER and the DESERT tiles.

The attached image is an example of a game with the Terrain placed on their starting locations, ready to play. The circles in the corners and the center square are places where Bonuses will be earned when Terrain is Made there.

[NOTE: I used a computer program to make the example image here, and I will likely do so for most examples. It's easier and more consistent to do this than to take photographs. I'll likely use this to make images for a rulebook as well.]

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