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February 23,2022 Dymino Monsters Update

I completed the alpha prototype Dymin Collection Set 4 this morning at 1:45 am.

I also removed another 14 names from the list that was not needed.

The final encounter list of names is 2,754.



March 13, 2022

What is Dymino Monsters?

Dymino Monsters is an epic fantasy that tells a story about finding out who the characters are striving to be. Becoming the next King, the protector, the artist and so forth. Why put so much effort into something or someone if your only going for fame and glory? To protect or to destroy your ever living mind, body , heart and soul?
In Dymino Monsters, do you fight to protect yourself, your loved ones, your insanity from the noise for peace and quiet or do you learn to cope with the hallucinations, chaotic mind, body, heart and soul?

March 2022 Dymino Monsters update

Dymino Monsters Update:

I just finished writing a three and a half page backstory for the Mimic artist character named Jaey BlueStorm.

I tried to put up pictures again, but nothing happened.

Here are the following list of character backstory I am currently working on:

Kartohmb March 7 2022 completed
Kre-8 March 7, 2022 completed
Kaylee March 7, 2022 completed
Nightingale March 7, 2022 completed
Dox Donlohan March 8, 2022 completed
Arch bishop
Bonny Von Bunya
Diesel (nickname)
Weaver (Nickname)
Piotr Angiom
Jera Davis
Tyl Luna
Fernandez Andrews
Gemma Davis

To make it EVEN ... Why not?!

Remove 4 more names and be at 2,750 names??? That would be a good number of names and not feel RANDOM. 2,754 sounds to me as being a bit odd as a number. But then again Magic: the Gathering have like 317 cards to one set... Not 320... But 317... So it sounds perfectly acceptable to have an ODD amount of names.


Interesting, but no.

I understand what your talking about. I particularly don't play Magic: The Gathering. I did how ever used to collect the cards due to the art. I have played M:TG in 2009 with a nephew but he knew more than I did and won both games. Which is fine.

I did not do much research on how many cards are in the fabled M:TG booster packs, commander decks etc.

I have read many posts were you have mentioned about M:TG. How to play, not use the WOTC card system, how to use the card system, which decks are better or at least a new card or deck beats older decks due to the system with cards that breaks the newer and older card decks.

I do how ever know how many cards they have sold since 1996. I have done research on Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon.

Did you know that in Yu-Gi-Oh card boxes it's not always an even number per expansion or booster? Yu-Gi-Oh card boxes have 45, 47, 43 cards. It always varies.

Years ago I had always thought most games, card games in expansion boxes had up to 52 to 60 cards in every box. I think I got that wrong from a tournament size hand per deck to a normal house card deck.

To answer your question, why not just drop 4 more cards to make it even?

No, I'm going with my gut feeling about my project. 2,754 encounter cards feels like a good number to keep within the game.

I took out more than enough names from the list that wasn't needed and felt over used.

Plus I was ready to drop many names from the list because I just wanted to get all of the alpha prototype cards complete.

I am fine with a bit of randomness from time to time. Plus, I'm a chef. And being a chef has to know how much to add within a recipe.

If I put to much in, I can't take out. Well, okay not a bad analogy for board game design and being a chef, but it's a mixture , blending. Gut feeling. Understanding what makes sense and what doesn't make sense.

I thank you for taking the time to read my update and write up a suggestion.

Once I had made up my mind about scratching out the names and writing up the last few categories for the alpha prototype cards, I was so satisfied and sad that after 17 years of this project, I can continue to complete the rest of the game, but also know that I have a working game system that has 4 variation game formats for this epic fantasy game project and I set out a goal and I am nearly complete.

Dymino Monsters has close to 10K cards to play however a player wants with the very simple rules which will be re-edited this year.

There is still more work to be completed for Dymino Monsters and when I update the game, that's when I update social media.

For Dymino Monsters, and for any board and card game I design, I want to have att of my heart, soul and as many cards in hand to realize how far a game can get / go.

This game was a massive undertaking, a challenge, a journey, a destination to see it through. I wanted that challenge. I needed this challenge and I made this challenge for myself.

How long would it take a game designer to complete a game this size with limited resources and no money , by one person? I think I know the answer. I know the answer. 17 years 2 months from August 24, 2004.

I'm not worried for the card sheet to be balanced to make it even when I self publish Dymino Monsters. It didn't come to mind.

If the game sells, it sells. If not, I'm okay with that to. I'll buy several or more copies just for me.

Anyway, thank you once again for sending a message to me. Bows respectfully.


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