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GameCon - First Journal Entry

Hey Folks

I would like to introduce the board game that I have been working on the past year. Development has gone through ebbs and flows, and it was shelved for almost 6-months at one point, but I feel like it's in a much better position now. Development is back underway. Our goal is to hopefully have it ready for Kickstarter the second half of next year.

The game is named GameCon, and here's our elevator pitch:

In GameCon, each player is an attendee walking through the Exhibitors Hall of a gaming convention, visiting publisher booths, playing mini-games, and collecting merch. The player who collects the most Experience (Victory Points) is the winner!

Here's the longer game description:

In GameCon, the game board mimics that of an Exhibitors Hall of a gaming convention, with various Publisher Booths (tiles) that represent mini-games. On their turns, players will visit a Publisher Booth, choosing which mini-game they will play.

Mini-Games come in two categories, player variants and genres:

Player Variants include:

  • Party Games, everyone participates
  • RPG’s, a cooperative 2-player game
  • Board Game, a competitive 2-player game

Genres include:

  • Dexterity games
  • Social games
  • Strategy games

Each round, players also draw Merch, which can be played for one of three effects: their card-specific effect, discarded for in-mini-game effects, or are worth Experience at the end of the game if still in the player’s hand. Also each round, an Announcement will cause immediate effects or set-up an end-game bonus to players that meet certain criteria.

Attached is a little database document I put together to provide the Components List, some of the sample Mini-Games (I have 12 mini-games right now), and the game descriptions.

Also attached are the game rules.

My goal is to become more involved in the BGDF community, and to post an entry on the GameCon Journal once a week.

I am super interested to hear what you all think.
David Smith

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