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The Hand that FEEDS, the Hand that BEATS

The Hand that FEEDS, the Hand that BEATS: board

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There have been several more playtests of "the Hands" in the last month and several changes have been made. The game is shaping up nicely, but I need to do more playtests with four or five players.

Important changes:

The board.

* The board has no more hexes or triangles. It only has regions, so movement is easier: Go to a destination and feed your creature one food. After each action, a player may visit up to three destinations and pick up/drop off followers and or resources.
=> This has been a mayor improvement in the gameplay.

The oasis:

* There's only one oasis now where every player may sacrifice a follower and start a food generating ritual. The player who controls the obilisk on the oasis, receives VPs when other players generate food.
=> The oasis is more fun now. It also makes the "fertile lands"-miracle something every player wants (except the one that is allready controlling the obilisk at the oasis)

The Miracle/Disaster-deck:

* Every player used to have his own deck, now there's one deck that is shared by all players.
=> This change makes players sometimes choose a miarcle because of the disaster on the same card that they really don't want another player to perform.
* A miracle gives you a miracle token, a disaster takes a miracle token away. Miracle tokens make your faith stronger, so the chances are bigger that you must feed all players during the feeding-phase and score points.
=> The miracle tokens are good, because it makes for more miracles in the early game and postpones the disasters till later in the game.


* Scoring for feeding generated too much points, and could become a burden when playing with more that three players. I changed the feeding phase into "feeding yourself in uneven rounds" and "feeding everybody and scoring points in even rounds"
=> This was also a mayor improvement. It makes players not return home for the feeding/scoring at the end of each round, but now player can plan more over two rounds. (I might have to cut down the creature deck a little, as creatures stay in play longer this way...)

There were some other changes that deal with removing fiddlyness. I feel I have succeeded there: There is a lot less moving around of resources on the board due to a player-aid board that represents your village or your creature (if you control one) and gives an overview of the available actions.

Attached is an image of the board.

More later.

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