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The Hand that FEEDS, the Hand that BEATS

I've ordered (and received) some wooden components to make a few prototypes for this game. No more canibalising other games! There have been a few three player tests and also a two player test (with the neutral player). I'm fairly confident that the game works well with two and three players, but it needs more testing with four or five players.

I also almost finished a rulebook that looks like a rulebook, but I really have a hard time writing down rules, so it is a slow process. Also, since I'm not a native English speaker, it is hard to describe everything properly.

If anyone is interested in proof reading my rules, you are more than welcome!!

Once the rules are finished, I plan to have a couple of blind playtests with some people from a gaming club in my town that I contacted through their forums.

A change that I made to the rules has to do with the turn order.
Until now, it went clockwise, but I felt it was a tiny bit unfair, because there is a feeding+scoring phase every two rounds, and the player to go last in such a round can often have an advantage because the phase before the feeding+scoring is the miracle/disaster phase and players can sometimes seriously mess with other players plans. So it's not fair in a two or four player game that certain players never get that advantage.
I changed the end of a round by adding a change to the turn order. The player with most points goes first and so on to the player with the least points going last. That should fix it, but it will need a couple more tests.

That's all for now. Again, if anyone likes to read my rules and suggest better wording or corrections, you're very welcome to do so!


Godolski, how many pages? I


how many pages? I am happy to read the rules for clarity but my grammar stinks.

Almost finished

The rules are 14 pages, but there are a lot of pictures and examples in the rulebook and not every page is completely filled. It is also not completely finished. I'll give you a yell when it is. Thanks in advance!


Haven't been following this but

I'd love to proof-read for spelling/grammar. Definitely best to get someone else to read for clarity though because I'm not so good at that :)

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