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The Hand that FEEDS, the Hand that BEATS

I had one more four player test and a few minor issues came up:

1] Too easy to block a quarry or mine.
I had noticed this already, but with more players it can become somewhat of a problem. A player leaves one or two followers and some food at a marble quarry or at a gold mine and block it while creating their own little resource factory.
Another player can just take control of your two, three or four followers by arriving at the same destination with at least double the amount of followers. You also loose any resources already generated or left behind. The player that snatched away the followers controls them till the end of the action phase. The snatched-away followers return to your village at the end of the action phase.
Followers can never be snatched away if they are on a creature, only if they are left behind.

2] Take resources:
With the old action "take resources", a player generated two food or two marble or one food and one marble in his village.
With the new action "take resources", a player generates three food or three marble or two food and one marble or one gold and puts them anywhere on the board.
I was long opposed to getting a gold this way, but it will be better this way, certainly now that players wont often leave followers behind on their own to generate resources in the gold mines or marble quarries.

3] More followers needed in quarries or mines:
Before, one follower generated one marble in a quarry. Now two followers generate two marble. This is not the same, followers have to be in pairs in a marble quarry.
Before, two followers generated one gold in a mine. Now three followers generate two gold.
This means more gold, but that's OK, because it speeds up the game by having quicker access to buildings and because the Gods' Wonders may be finished earlier.

Tomorrow or the day after that will probably see another playtest...

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