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Heroic Attributes and Failure Skills

Heroic Attributes and fail skills
Heroic attributes and fail skills are unique characteristics that all living things (sentient or none sentient) have. Every character has one of each, and cannot gain more or lose them. Each effect could be considered epic in their own way, a Heroic Attribute is an amazing ability that that character has uniquely, that could make him/her seem superior to all else in their own way. Such as the heroic attribute Final Stand, as it states that as long as you are not the last character in the party (or all other characters in the party have this attribute) than you cannot become incapacitated or drop below 1 hp.(unless otherwise stated by the game master). Or take for example the fail skill, I failed basic magic for dummies (remedial course), it states that a person multiplies any numerical effect of a spell by .10 and reduces any distance or radius of a spell by half. A mage type character with such attribute and fail skill would make for a very difficult, but not entirely impossible character with unique role play possibilities, the easiest route would be to use touch and non numerical type spells, or to completely leave off being a mage based character. Of course, you don’t select your attribute and fail skill, at least not entirely. For heroic attributes, you select either 10 or 20, make sure to right them down and number them(1 to 10, or 1 to 20) and roll a d10 or d20 respectively, 3 times. Once you have your three pick any one of those three to be your heroic attribute. For fail skills pick 20 and number them 1 to 20, roll a d20 and that will be your fail skill.
If you notice, fail skills are far less forgiving, your failing points in your characters life are rough and unforgiving, whereas your characters strong points will help them shine. You could be mocked for your lack of skills and your failures, or praised for your heroic deeds and prideful attributes.
Heroic attributes
-Final Stand – For as long as you are not the last character in the party (or all other characters in the party have this attribute) than you cannot become incapacitated or drop below 1 hp. (unless otherwise stated by the game master).

-Ifrit’s blood – You can stand the heat, your temperature is naturally 20° higher than normal, you can naturally resist 2 points of fire damage, and do not need to use your daily fire life segment.

-Everlasting Life – you gain extra 5 points to health at first level, and 1 health point per endurance, and add 2 to any attempts to resist poisons or diseases. There are no ill effects when being resurrected, and all resurrections used on this character automatically succeed.

-Natures friend – you may reroll once a failed roll applying to animals. any animals in the party (including animal companions) gain 2 health points, 1 strength point, and automatically alerts the player with the natures friend heroic attribute of any threatening or friendly beings intentions regardless of ownership of animal (using the animals emotion sensing ability)

-Assassin’s heritage – through your veins run the blood of an assassin, when using light weapons such as daggers and kukri and completing a sneak attack, you gain bonus 1d4 sneak attack damage. You also do an additional 2 damage when flanking an opponent on foot. When using silent movement or hide talents you may add an additional 3 as natural talent.

-Spell blood – when casting a spell you can take away health points instead of or in addition to magic points, when using your own life you may elect to deal 1/3 of the life used to deal damage to your opponent, without overpowering the spell, or distorting it in anyway, even if the added damage would cause the spell to go over your max possible spell level.

-nutritious blood – You may use your own blood and mingle it with another being, no matter what they are, and heal them, healing 1 life per 2 spent, if your primary life element is water, than you can heal 2 for every 1 spent. If using this ability on a vampire or a blood based creature (I.e. a blood golem) than heal 5 for 2 of your life (5 for 1 if primary life element is water)

-uncontrolled spell control – When using a spell with range, area, amount of damage/healing, or amount of creatures affected, roll two percentile dice sets, and multiply the final outcome(any bonuses or negatives included) by the percent(the possibility being from 000% to 200%) and set the range, area, amount of damage dealt or healed, or amount of creatures affected to this percent of each. You can elect to negate this effect by rolling a percentile set and adding that much of the spell cost to the total spell cost, in order to stabilize the spell.

- The Gambler – once per level, per day, you may reroll a failed gambling attempt, and may add or subtract up to 2 points to any roll or cards or other numerical object in a gambling game.

- Money Magnet – add 20% of any income or earnings to the total, also if the money magnet character finds gold he or she increases the amount found by 50%. Once you reach level 7 add 35% instead, and increase the amount found to 75% extra. At level 12 it becomes 50% and set the amount found to double.

-Truly Intelligent – instead of only using 1/3 of your intelligence for recollection of history, any lore, any memory checks, and any intelligence checks, you may use ½. Also add 12% of your current intelligence every .5 levels.

-Spot the Obvious – add 6 to your natural passive and attentive sight talents. You may reroll once any attentive sight checks.

-Truly blessed – You gain 2 light segments per day, that may be used for healing, increasing damage (light based), seeing through 1inch of objects per segment used, uncorrupting tainted and corrupted beings and objects, dispelling dark based illusions (countering the same amount of magic cost with the same amount of segments), or as magic for holy based spells. These segments do not disappear after the day is over, nor do they disappear over time naturally.

-Holy emissary of light – you may convert your extra primary elements segments into light segments instead, they can be used for the same effect of the primary element (with the exception that it counts as light and not the other element) or they can be used to push good, lawful or holy based thoughts into an enemy or allies head (1 segment per target level) or force creature to do a good, lawful or holy based deed (1 segment per .1 target level).

-Holy emissary of dark – you may convert your extra primary elements segments into dark segments instead, they can be used to inflict damage based on touch, 1 dark damage per segment, or sway a creature without lawful or good alignments see things your way, and commit actions in your name, as if they were an overly loyal acolyte (1 segment per .1 target level)

-Master of void – all magical damage from you is considered void damage, a type of damage almost no creature has any natural or built tolerance to, unless stated otherwise target of spell is considered to have weakness of 100%, and takes damage without consideration.

-Realm Traveled – you have natural realm tolerance, when moving between realms you automatically acquire any life requirements to be in said realm, also you do not take any negative first time side affects when entering said realm.

-Phase shift – when attacked, if you successfully dodge or deflect, you may “poof” out of existence for the next round, still able to move and “poof” back in, but unable to attack, when casting magic after a “poof out” you take 1d6xspell level of damage for a successful cast, for a failed cast you take 1d4 damage.

Relentless Attacker- You gain two extra attacks on your turn, without reducing your to hit chance.

Disobedient- mind control, urge, dominate, and any attempt to control a character, force ideas into a characters head, or cause a character to do any other action unwillingly automatically fail.

Natural blind sight- even when under an affect that would otherwise blind you, you gain the ability to “see” as if you had no loss of sight, meaning you take no blindness disadvantages, you also gain a sort of sonar based ability, allowing you to instantly know where every living being is around you up to 30 feet. This includes invisible and hidden characters. Though any checks that require actual sight, are instantly failed as if blind, you cannot depict color or the exact position of non-living objects unless it is small or larger, such as a wall, fence, or small boulder. You are also able to see any magical, or psychokinetic effects, and even see them in color including magical shape shifting, or alterations.

Larger than life- you are considered big for your race, and take an extra size category up, along with an unnatural ability to move an extra 2 spaces in combat, and lift objects equal to 5x instead of 4x your normal lifting ability. You also don’t take any disadvantages in any talents unlike normal size different creatures.

Travel sized- you are considered small for your race, you our counted as small only when it is beneficial to you, if you already have an ability similar to this, you are considered one size category below what it states when its beneficial to you.

-Master of the blood oath- Your power over blood magic is greater than normal, your blood boil deals an additional 1d4-1 damage, a portal to a demi-plane forms inside your heart, about the size of a copper piece, which can store a gallon of your own blood per 3 character levels, you can insert up to a half quart once a week, leaving you fatigued, and bringing down -2 endurance for 3 days. You can draw this blood at the rate of a half gallon per level per round if your body has room to contain such blood. Also you gain +1 to life regen, along with +3 to resist any blood based magic effects on you.

-Born of sand- your body has an unnatural coating of sand throughout it, granting you +2 defense, you may also draw sand into your body to heal at a rate of 2hp/per 4.5 levels +1 per 8 endurance, you may also turn the minerals in your body from a defense mechanism into a weapon( thus loosing the +2 defense for offense), creating a sword of sand and hardened minerals that deals 1d8 damage, cannot be disarmed as it is a part of your body, you may also act as if you had proficiency with the weapon. The weapon has a crit % of +5%. Alternatively you may use the sand you bind 1 opponent per 6 levels if they are touching sand that spreads out to touch you, the sand then travels up the opponents legs, making movement impossible, the opponent may make a dodge attempt, you gain a hit % of +2% each character level

-Restorer of life- if not a mage than you cast healing spells and resurrection spells as if you were, and whether you’re a mage or not, your caster level is 4 higher than it should be for healing and resurrection spells.

Fail skills
-unattentive- You take -5 to both passive and attentive sight checks, and can not train to past 10 in either talent. Enemies automatically hit with sneak attacks, and flank attacks. When an enemy attacks with a flanking sneak attack it automatically scores a critical hit.

-Sickly- take -3 to body, and half your total hp.

-sparkly or shiny- take -6 on appraise checks, and -6 to attentive sight when looking for mundane looking items, these talents may not be trained past 10

-superior racism- choose 3 races, no sub races, characters are forced to treat any roll attempts to bluff/appraise/perform/listen when dealing with these races and their sub races, as if they had rolled a 2.

-outstanding- take -5 to move silently and hide checks, plus when searching for you specifically or attacking you, opponents gain +3 to any attentive sight checks, listen checks, and count your invisibility/concealment as one rank lower. Opponents gaining a sneak attack against you automatically hit.

-fire retarded- +45% weakness to fire. You cannot reduce your weakness to fire below 70%. Also if fire is your life element, you gain ½ rounded down of what you should gain any time you acquire segments. Regardless of your life element, you cannot be healed by fire element, and any fire spell requires double magic points

-energy retarded- +50% weakness to energy. You cannot cast energy spells, if anyone attempts to heal you with an energy element spell you instantly are reduced to 1hp instead. Ay time you take energy damage your max hp is set to 50% of its total for a week, and your caster level is reduced by 1.5 for 3 days.

-fightless- when in combat you are treated as having -4 to skill, strength and endurance. this cannot drop you below 1 hp. You also only gain half normal defense from endurance, and cannot gain bonuses against specific enemy races or types.

-I failed basic magic for dummies (remedial course)- multiply final spell effects by .10, and reduce any distance and radius of spells by half.

-Troll blood- your weakness to fire and ice goes up 50% each. You cannot reduce fire or ice weakness below 60%. When casting spells that deal fire and ice or using a weapon with fire or ice effects, you have a 25% chance to take one die worth of damage for your enemy. (for example, if a fire spell did 3d6, if you failed you would take 1d6 and your enemy would take 2d6)

Touched by death- At some point in your life you had a fatal incident that caused a near death experience that left you weakened, you take -3 endurance, and -2 strength. death spells have a 10% greater chance to succeed, the character also counts as 3 levels lower than normal when targeted by a death spell (opponents detect this)

Slowly dying- you take -4 to regen. And -2 to body. Also when attempting to resist poison or disease you take a -2 penalty to your roll.

Slow- take -4 to mind, and -2 to diplomacy and bluff. When attempting mind affecting spells the save is considered -3 more than normal.

Underpowered- take -1 to all stats greater than one after you have decided your stats. If later a stat that was unaffected raises higher than 1, than it takes -1 also.

Unschooled- knowledge cost 1 extra point, also intelligence is dropped by 2.intelligence cannot go above 20(+2 to max per level after 1)

Weatherman- +10% weakness to ice, water, earth, energy, and solar, character cannot reduce weakness to these elements below 45%.

Slacker- -5 intelligence. Character cannot become classes wizard, archmage, weapons master, paladin, knight, assassin, or monk(ascendance)

-unhealthy- endurance provides 2 less hp per point, if this causes you to gain 0 or less, than you gain only 1 point per level. Also you gain your body save 2 levels after you normally would, along with taking -2 to body from the start.

-thin skin- character has -3 natural defense, and when struck by a piercing or slashing (or anything sharp) weapon, character has a 25% chance to gain bleeding status.

wimpy gimpy- speed, travel distance per hour, and combat movement are always half characters normal capabilities (combat movement is not reduced below 5)

pale skin- solar weakness is +120%, if in the sun for more than 2hrs the character takes 1d4+1 solar damage, and 1d4+1 every 30min. afterwords.

blacksun- character cannot receive positive effects from lunar or dark elements. character also has +75% lunar weakness and +25% darkness weakness.

hyper conductive- when any energy element (otherwise lightning) strikes or is cast in the same area as character, this character has a 25% chance to be struck, along with a +50% weakness to energy.

polled- (must have horns to select this fail skill) Character was born without horns, or the ability to grow horns, thus this character loses any horn based abilities, and cannot gain horns in any other way except by magic, and never permanent.

bold and brave- fear effects automatically effect this character. character cannot take the strong willed feat. character also has -3 mind save.

brain fat- -5 intelligence. languages take 5 more int to start with/learn, and 2 more weeks of study to learn. character also takes -.2 to caster level.

empty tank- character starts with 0 magic regardless of int(but still gains magic from any int after level 1)

bad memory- character auto fails any checks that require memory. character cannot take ranks in knowledge talents.

Easy- any charm attempts against you automatically succeed, also you cannot put any stats in charm.

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