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Horseman's Chess - PnP

In this update I made a number of changes to make the game easier to understand.

First, the starting positions of the pieces are now fixed. The chosen arrangement should minimize the chance of a player getting her King and Queen on Chargers in the same game.

Second, now with the fixed starting positions I can include a full-board diagram of the initial setup.

Third, I tweaked the point values a bit. This would be of more help to a computer than a human, but it's there to help new players.

Fourth, the text formatting is more consistent throughout the document.

Fifth, I included a couple variants of the base game. Those have not been tested, but they sound fun.

Finally, the document's internal formatting has been optimized, so I no longer need to compress the graphics quite so much to get under this site's 1MB file size limit. This should improve print quality for anyone using the PnP.

Take a look, and let me know what you think!

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