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Island Apocalypse

Intro Page

This is where I will post resources for investigating the game design process of Island Apocalypse. I will provide seven areas (still under development) that you can explore to understand more of the mechanics, art, direction, theme, and even game play. Thank you, and know that feedback is always welcome.

Note: this is the official design of the game Double Boat

#1 Theme

Welcome to End-World

Land has receded, water glazes itself across the globe, and natural disasters scatter with no warning. Even through all this turmoil, man has not lost their lust for power and conquest. During these trying times only those who have managed to capture what is left of the ground remain rulers over this new age. Of course, the only way to ensure your survival is to command a fleet of deadly vessels, scavenging the seas to disband any threat to your rule. In this post-apocalyptic strategy game, you will defend your island while also attacking your rivals. Enlist the naval pirates of the four End-World factions, sending your boats to wreak havoc or keeping them docked to defend the shore. Stock up your resources and be prepared to keep your boats afloat, this world is unpredictable and unforgiving!

#2 Major Game Elements

- High skill ceiling
- 2 players (can be expanded to up to 4)
- 30-45 minutes
- Unique support abilities
- Tactical movement
- Quick turns
- Some bluffing and hidden information
- Few components
- Deceptively simple mechanics
- Interesting catch-up mechanic

#3 Graphics: UPDATED 9/24/17

Coming Soon...

#4 Work Bench: UPDATED 9/12/17

[+] What has been added
[*] What is being tested
[-] What has been removed
[#] What i'm working on

#Currently testing game on Tabletop Simulator#
#Editing the rules#

*Might be adding when you attack an island you will instead draw two disaster marks*

#5 Rule Book: UPDATED 11/2/17

Island Apocalypse Rules

#6 Tabletop Simulator/Tabletopia

#Under Construction#

#7 Print and Play: UPDATED 11/2/17

Island Apocalypse Print and Play



Massive update. Rules and PnP have been revamped and gameplay is severely enhanced. The process of streamlining and improving the mechanics of the game are just about done. I almost broke the game but it is in a really good spot right now...

Check it out!!

Testing #2

Still struggling with the supports and how they can work in this game. I think the whole "expose your hand to do abilities" just doesn't work for some reason. Still going to continue testing. I am so close.

Current Testing #1

Tested a new way of using and restoring supports. Still a very interesting experience and every game is VASTLY difference from the next. I am just worried I am adding to the game instead of making it more elegant. We'll see.

Essentially, when you use a support, you will use 1 CP (command point), exhaust the support, and execute the ability by usually exposing one card from your hand, equal to or higher than the value on your support, by placing it in front of you in what is called your reserves. This is an area where your cards are revealed. They can still be used like any other card in your hand, but the players are aware of their value. In order to restore an exhausted support, you must, for a free action, expose any card from your hand (by placing it in your reserves).

Two reasons why I like this:

1). Adds another resource to manage: how exposed you are. If you are too exposed (you've used your supports too much), the enemy will know exactly how to maneuver against you.

2). Still allows you to use the cards as opposed to before when you had to discard them. Devalues the card as it is revealed to the enemy, but it is still able to be used.

Still testing alternatives, but this seems really cool.

Using Supports is too weak

I am noticing how difficult it is to use supports. Discarding a card just cost way to much. There are many things competing for your cards. I am working on ways to make it more balanced and not so hard to use. Here are some of my ideas:

#1 Instead of discarding the card you reveal it and place it back in your hand.
#2 Instead of discarding the card you place it in front of you (you can use it like any other card in your hand).
#3 You discard the card but your support does not exhaust.
#4 Instead of discarding the card you place it in front of you. In order to get cards back from in front of you, you must use the restore action.

Just some ideas for testing. One of the only issues in the game at the moment.

Support Types

Added two more support types to the game. Here is a list of each with pros and cons:


Description: You can only execute this support your turn. It costs 1 CP and a discard with a value equal to or higher than the value on the support. After executing the action it is exhausted and can be restored by using 1 CP.

Pros: Gives you a lot of control. You choose when the action happens and you immediately take the action and gain the benefits.

Cons: You have to use one of your command points. You will always be contemplating whether executing a tactic is a good idea or not. Giving yourself room to develop is key.


Description: This support grants you a free action. In order to execute the action the mission event must be triggered (i.e. Draw two resources on a turn). It costs 0 CP and a discard with a value equal to or higher than the value on the support. . After executing the action it is exhausted and can be restored by using 1 CP.

Pros: Gives you a lot of freedom. Usually mission events aren't terribly hard to trigger. This allows you to play specifically towards a goal while also helping towards winning the game.

Cons:You have to work for it. In order to gain the benefits, you must fulfill the requirements. This is tough because you might fulfill the mission event at a time when you really don't need the ability. Planning is key.


Description: You can only execute this support your turn. It costs 1 CP and one discard with a value equal to or higher than the value on the support. When you execute the support, you will place it on a boat, giving that boat the ability on the support as well as a increase to its value. When the boat is destroyed, the support is brought back in front of you exhausted and can be restored by using 1 CP.

Pros:Gives you a lot of power. Being able to boost the power of any of your boats as well as give them an ability will cause your opponent to scramble for an answer.

Cons: You can lose your support rather quickly. If you don't pick the right boat, it is easy to place all of your focus on keeping your augmented boat alive while ignoring possible holes in your defenses. Placement is key.


Description: This support grants you a free action typically attached to another action or when another action is executed. It costs 0 CP and does not exhaust when used. The leader support is only exhausted when an enemy boat makes it on shore or when an island is attacked. Restoring this support costs two discard with a value equal to or higher than the value on the support.

Pros: Gives you a lot of use. You only don't get to use the support when you get attacked. Also, it is absolutely free to use the ability on the support.

Cons: You need a lot of resources. Recovering from an attack is brutal as you will need to discard two cards to restore the support. Keeping your hand full is key.


Not only do you get one of these supports, but two. Each support has their own unique abilities. How you choose to build your supports will determine your play style (Aggressive Commander = Augment + Augment; Passive Builder = Mission + Leader; etc.). Excited to see these turn out.

Print and Play is up!!

This Print and Play version is complete. Very simple components to this game. 7 pages of cards (total). The file only has 4 pages but you will need to have a second copy of the last three pages (to create two decks). If you get a chance to try it or even just look at the rules, let me know what you think!

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