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J. Ryan Opp's SNUB - Introduction

This is my current project 4 years in the making. I've got the 4th prototype done now, with instructions. We've play-tested this about 7 times officially, and I've made changes between every game. I'll be hitting the game stores here soon for more blind play-testing.

A brief overview: Most games these days are focused around boards or game elements that are square-grid or hex-grid based. My challenge to myself was to use some new grid system as an integral part of the game. I decided to use the snub square tiling. It is an Archimedean tiling consisting of squares and triangles. You can look it up and other Archimedean tilings on Wikipedia.

Each player has five Johnson Square Pyramids (think pyramids of Giza shape) to move around the board in a rolling way. The geometry of the pieces and the board make for interesting movement patterns. The goals of movement are three-fold: to spread out, to collect resources, and to attack enemies.

The game is about planning and execution. You will have all your movement cards a full turn in advance to decide what you want to do, but then your turn is limited by a two-minute timer. You can make purchases and utilize other pieces on the board called kickers that have different geometry to achieve your goals.

I have never seen the main mechanics of this game in any other game, and so it has a steep learning curve, but once you understand it, it makes you feel like a genius when you win.

There isn't much of a theme yet (besides geometry), and I am open to suggestions, but I'll probably end up calling it Snub Bots and go the robot route.

Here are the instructions, and you all have commenting privileges:

Here is the player aid cards front:

and back:

I will add more pictures soon. It is a very pretty game and may be hard to visualize with text alone.

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