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Jacynth playtest

Spielbany, the quarterly Albany area game design day, was last weekend. Jacynth got on the table for several games. It seems pretty solid as a two-player game, although it still needs tuning needed.

Link: Current rules

The three-player game seemed too congested. Four players could work with partners, but three will require for additional rules. One idea is to force players to share control of districts with their opponents. For example, in the ordinary game each player has four influence tokens. In this variant, two of those would be shared with one opponent and two with the other. Since each opponent would also be placing tokens to share districts with you, this would give you an incentive to expand more districts than in the ordinary case. At the same time, you would have to restrain some of your own districts, so that the points you give to your opponents are balanced enough that neither of them pulls ahead.

Both playtesters complained about the starting layout, so I've added two other layouts as options. We played one game with what I've called the Keep. Of course, I'll need to play with it a few more times before I decide anything. Someone suggested what I've called the Old City; although it's probably best strategically, it would be hard to keep straight without a play mat or a checkered tablecloth.

We played one game with four cards as a hand (rather than three) and that may ultimately be the rule. I am not sure yet if the extra options are more liberating than paralyzing.

I have also added the option to play cards face-down at the end of the game. This avoids situations in which you are just forced to make a play that's terrible for you. I haven't tested it at all yet, however, so it may get changed back.

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