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Jan 24,2022 Dymino Monsters Update

Update announcement:

3 things about Dymino Monsters 4 Player playmat.

1: Gray Dominator General cards will be edited. Lower attack/defense numbers to provide aid for their units on the field.

2: Warriors of Osconia will have General cards.

3: Warriors of Osconia has hired Guards now from Caldeanna. The guards will be 12 Marional Knights.

4: Wicker Tangle Faction will also have General Cards

5: All other factions in the diesel punk storyline will have General Cards.

The point system for all general cards will have 2 - 9 points instead of +90 - +70 attack / defense.

The reason for the edit is due to the demo play last night during our slow time at work waiting for more customers to come in and order Pizza and or subs.

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